Tip Using the preferred no-cd patch for NR2003

A quick tip you can learn to improve or setup NR2003 or related tool/program
One of the great things that allows NR2003 to live for as long as it has and also keep spreading is the no-cd patch. This exe patch removes the requirement of your CD needing to be in your PC to start the game.

One thing many users are not aware of is there are 2 common versions of the no-cd that float around. One is more optimized for Windows 7 and up users.

To know which no-cd version you have check its file size. The one that has the file size of ~5MB is the older version. There is a no-cd exe version that is approx ~3.7MB only and it was made for windows 7 and up machine compatibility.

The two different exe' sizes:



The newer version should make it so you do not need to disable DEP (meaning when you hit 'drive' the game does not CTD). However in some cases depending on your PC hardware it may still be required to disable DEP.
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