WIP RuralKadoodle's Go At West Virginia International Speedway

Jun 13, 2022
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well now
isn't this something different, that nice, new forum smell?????

okay so let me catch you guys up to speed!!!!


See this????
West Virginia International Speedway Blueprints-1.jpg

To you, this may look like some blurry photo that may not be loading, but to me??? It's a track blueprint of a track that was never made, and not Never Made for NR, I mean literally NEVER made.

You see, this track holds a special place in my heart due to it being a massive what could have been for the state of West Virginia, and yes, this track? Was supposed to be made in a very small town of Ona, WV back in the very early sixties. Ona Speedway(the modern track in its place) is my home track and one I love to go to but I always imagine what could have been, y'know?

I've pondered the idea of making the track for a long time, so much so that I started doing it !!!!!!!!!!

Of course I stopped after I got to the banking and pit road due to a lack of motivation and some other things and that? was almost a year ago if I recall correctly, so now? I'm comin back at it with a fresh set of (hopefully) motivated eyes to look at the project. So before we dive into what I have at the moment, lets go over the track itself so you can fully understand why i'm so intrigued by this place, capiche? aight cool.

The West Virginia International Speedway was a proposed track in a series of proposed sporting venues for the area being made, but it stands out due to a good few reasons.

  • It was a 1 and 3/8th mile track with 32 DEGREES OF BANKING WHAT THE FUCK(fun fact! thats one more than daytona! and one less than 'dega!)
  • It used HIGHWAY GRADE GUARDRAILS AS ITS WALLS AROUND THE TRACK(minus the seated area,,,I hope)
  • It had a much smaller 3/8th mile track just off the backstretch which would be used for local events and also overflow parking during large track events.(which also became the track they built!)
  • It had a football field on the frontstretch because well, why not at this point?
  • Along with this, it has Mud River(which fun fact! is not a river) running behind it, which means a driver could fly off turns 2 or 3 and end up in it
  • It had a 50 car pit road(mind you they didn't do pit stops at the time, they just pulled behind the wall, hence the high number)
  • Has an entrance and exit tunnel scarily close to the end of turn 3 and beginning of turn 4
  • Has to have a "Pump House" on site due to the fact the track and that whole area is incredibly easy to get flooded by mud river(who would have guessed)
  • It holds right under 30,000 roaring fans!!!(29321 fans to be exact, not counting standing fans and the people inevitably watching from the hills)

So, I think with that you can understand why I was interested in the track, not even due to it being my home track but mainly due to it being absolutely stupid and amazing and I love it. So without more stalling here is what I have so far.(and yes I know the track is lopsided on the grass around it, but I don't care)

Screenshot (113).png

Screenshot (114).png

That lil car there is fred the scale car! you can see him on the track jus barely as the red dot facing the wrong way on pit road, I use him as a scale to make sure the track felt right(which it did!) so yeah

anyways I will attempt to keep everyone updated on the progress of the funny crazy track and if I never post to this again just know I tried and lost every bit of motivation ever sorry not sorry

but yeah feel free to comment on how ridiculous this track is because I love talking about this thing it's so beautifully unsafe

okay bye again maybe i'll make a paint scheme or something idk​
Jul 27, 2023
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Sweet! I saw these plans on an internet dive for track-making ideas not too long ago and thought it’d be awesome for nr. I hope you continue, this would be so fun to rip around.