Tutorial Running NR2003 in windowed borderless mode with no visible title bar

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NR2003 can be run in windowed mode with no visible border or the top title car appearing. Please follow the tutorial before on how to acheive this. One benefit to windowed mode is external graphics setting such as Nvidia control panel can improve your NR2003 graphics such as making anti-aliasing look better which also having slightly improved performance. Also if you click outside of the NR2003 window you can easily go back to the game without issues.

1) Go to your NR2003 root folder directory and find the file called 'app.ini'

2) Find the fullscreen option and set it as below to '0':

fullScreen=0 ; fullscreen?

3) Next change the X and Y position of the NR2003 window to the settings below:

windowTopLeftX=-3 ; Window's top left x windowTopLeftY=-26 ; Window's top left y

This will remove the title bar and still allow you have windowed mode.

Note: For this to work you have to run the game at the same resolution as your desktop. For example if your desktop runs in 32 bit color the game must run the same as well. You can adjust this from the NR2003 3D Configuration exe
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