[RACE] 2023 Daytona 500 | Race 1 of 30 | 2023 Season

Jacob Craigo

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Jun 8, 2022
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It's the Daytona Duels! Twin 20 lap races to determine the finalized starting lineup for the 2023 Daytona 500.....

With Ian Wallace and Elana Keshiel already locked into the front row, the other 38 spots are up for grabs. 42 drivers have entered the Daytona 500, but only 40 will move on to compete in the big event!

Who will have to watch the race from home, and who will have a shot to etch their name in racing history?​

The 2023 NSCA Fastenal Cup Series season is officially underway! 40 drivers contest 80 laps to determine who will win the Great American Race!

It's the Daytona 500, and many drivers look to win this race moreso than any other on the schedule. Between the greatest drivers of all time, the one-win-wonders of the series
and everyone inbetween who have found themselves in victory lane, this track is sunk deep into the history of the sport, and everyone wants to be forever seen in the record
books as a winner at Daytona! Some drivers in the field have done it before, and look to do so again while others look to etch their name alongside the giants of the series....

Who will we see take victory at Daytona?

Do you have a personal race car that you race with in this series? Or do you strictly just spectate the seasons?
I used to personally race back when it was just a mock series back about a decade ago, but ever since I transitioned everything into being more of an offline league, i just spectate the races with an AI using my name partaking in the races.