Project wildfire mod utility tips and tricks

First off is sounds yes you can change the sounds of the car here's a little tip you can change the spotter also just add the spotter that you want in the spec folder
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You can use this to just change the spotter only just use the default sound just add the spotter that you want to the spec folder. tomorrow I will post more on the track packs


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Part 2 trackpacks
These folders use their own shared folder
that you can edited this is how I done the redline tracks to give them the night sky.

if the track needs the updated shared folder then you will have to use it .

And yes you can put 128. Tracks in each folder.this is one of the reason that I use this for series that way you only have the tracks that you need .

One more thing Is the backup and restore this can delete the tracks and sound packs that you installed so don't use this I use zip folders to back them up
Be sure and read the readme text that comes with the project wildfire mod utility..
I hope these help if you need help just ask one more thing the car part I haven't tried yet but soon as I do I will post it.
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