Programs: 2D and 3D Paint / Motion Graphics / Video / Audio for NR2003


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May 28, 2022
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Here are a list of 2D and 3D paint programs that are open source (free), subscription based (you rent), or perpetual (you can buy lifetime license). 2D Paint programs are most commonly known and have been around since digital art existed. You paint on a 2D canvas. 3D paint programs started to take over the market in last 8 or so years and these programs allow you t paint real time in realistic lighting sources on your 3D models directly with precise accuracy between UV seams unlike traditional 2D paint programs.

Along with these paint programs are a few motion graphics / video editors audio editors that are useful if you want to create videos of your NR2003 recordings as well.

2D Paint Programs

Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator - Subscription
Gimp - Free Open Source
Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer - Perpetual
Paintshop Pro - Perpetual
Photopea - Free Open Source - Free
Krita - Free Open Source

3D Paint Programs

Substance 3D Painter - Subscription / Perpetual (Perpetual only available via Steam)
3D Coat - Perpetual
Marmoset Toolbag 4 - Perpetual
ArmorPaint - Free Open Source (Program is free open source but you have to compile the binaries from github yourself, however compiled binary can be bought for one time purchase $20 here)

Motion Graphics / Video Editor Programs

Adobe After Effects - Subscription
Premiere Pro - Subscription
Hitfilm / Hitfilm Pro - Free / Perpetual (Perpetual version offers extra features)
Davinci Resolve - Free / Perpetual (Perpetual version offers extra features)
Shotcut - Free Open Source

Audio Editor programs

Adobe Audition - Subscription
Audacity - Free Open Source
Wavosaur - Free
Reaper - Perpetual

If you have questions about any program above and which one to use, buy, features they offer, etc you can ask in this thread. If you have a program you want added to the list you can add a post and we will consider if it meets the criteria.
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