Tutorial Parameters for GSYE (Gentlemen start your engines) audio

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Gentlemen start your engines or better know as GSYE is a group of sound files that make up the start your engines audio in NR2003. Below are the file requirements to make your own.

The files below make up a complete GSYE soundpack:

The GSYE files must be at the following settings or they will not play and/or crash your game when it attempts to play the file:
File Format: OGG
Sample Rate (hz): 22050 Hz
Bit Depth: 32
Channels: Mono

There are 12 GSYE ogg files that make up a complete pack:

gsye1.ogg gsye2.ogg gsye3.ogg gsye4.ogg gsye5.ogg gsye6.ogg gsye7.ogg gsye8.ogg gsye9.ogg gsye10.ogg gsye11.ogg gsye12.ogg

Some things to keep in mind about these 12 files:
  • There cannot be more than 12 GSYE files, additional files are not recognized by the game, while additional files do no harm (for example if you have gsye13.ogg) it will simply never play in your game
  • GSYE files cannot be named differently than gsye1.ogg through gsye12.ogg
  • The game will randomly play any of the 12 ogg files in the directory between the 12
  • GSYE files thta are named lower will play more often. For example gsye1.ogg will play more often than gsye12.ogg.
  • If you do not have 12 individual GSYE audio files and just want a single one to always play copy the file 12 times and name it gsye1.ogg through gsye12.ogg, then no matter which NR2003 file the game choose it will always play as it is the same file for each GSYE file
  • Make sure within the first 1-2 seconds the starter beings to say 'gentleman start your engines' or it will be out of sync when the game starts the car engines. Audio editing programs can allow you to clip and cut your audio files to make them work best for the game
  • Don't make your GSYE files too long. Less than 20 seconds is recommended, you can end your audio files with a fade out so the audio begins to get quieter and quieter which will give a natural transition to the the in-game car audio
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