My track mod can't load Armory Digital 2023 Edition

Aug 13, 2023
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I tried to install Armory Digital Superspeedway 2023 Edition but it is not loading..

I put the folders in the track folder, I have installed other tracks with similar issue

I searched it a bit and some people say I need to have the shared folder which I have

I have installed the revamped "shared" folder for the assets, not sure why it cant load..

Any ideas?
Hi, When you downloaded the revamped shared folder did you copy those assets into your NR2003/tracks/shared folder?

Yes I think this is what I did, I am not sure what to do with the extra folder though maybe its needed.
The shared folder needs to have all the revamped loose files in it. Not just the default shared.dat file. It should look like this with many loose files:

It should just be a zip file on this page:

called 'RR SHARED FOLDER' at the top

You can also get it here:
I also have another minor issue related to a mod.
So basically it is cars mod and they have a windows.mip for adding the eyes on the cars but the sad thing is that if I use it then the back window gets painted and I do not have visibility with the mirror which is something I would like to have in a race, do you know if I can fix it somehow? (its 1990 cup series with pixar cars mod :p)
Also is there any way to have double file restarts after caution, I see there is a mod but can't find it..


Thanks anyway !!
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I am not sure about the 1990 mod config. For double file restarts there is a melon better cautions exe but I dont have a link to share personally. I don't know if Melon gave permissions for it to be shared.
Hello Mystical

I have had the same Issue.
but i found this Topic.
Thanks for that.

Could you at the Downloads, input a hint to the 'RR SHARED FOLDER' ?!

Thank you for the great Track that you all designed.

Now it works fine after install the RR SHARED FOLDER
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