WIP MSH to 3DO Converter

Jun 28, 2022
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So, the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator is open source and uses an MSH text file for all of its 3D objects which would map quite nicely into an NR2003 3DO file. In addition, there are already scripts available for multiple programs that allow us to export these MSH files from whatever 3D modeling software we choose. So I'm working on a tool that can convert said MSH file into a 3DO file for use in PSG scripts. Here's how you would use it:
  1. Create your object in the modeling software of your choice which has a plugin or script available that enables you to export your model to the MSH format.
  2. Export your object to the MSH format. You can then use a text editor to make minor tweaks as you wish.
  3. Use this converter tool (once I release it) to convert your MSH file to 3DO.
  4. Create a PSG script that references this 3DO and all of the objects inside it, creating the necessary state switch, group, and lod switch nodes.
  5. Use make3do to output the final 3DO for use in NR2003.
Once I release this tool, you will no longer be restricted to 3DS Max 8 for making your 3DO files. You will however, be restricted to just the diffuse texture in your models (with the option for transparency). While this isn't as good as PAS exporter scripts/plugins, this will have to do until I can find the time to make those. This will be a command-line utility, by the way. And it'll come with the option to optimize the output, but that's best done in the 3D modeling software before exporting to MSH.