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A quick tip you can learn to improve or setup NR2003 or related tool/program
Archived links of some useful youtube videos that show the modding process.

Note: These videos were not made by me and they are raw long-form streams so the info is spread across several hours and fragmented. They shouldn't be used so much as a step by step guide. However, when I was first making my ICR mod I watched and rewatched these videos several times many years ago so can say definitely they do provide useful info on fragments to make a mod. If you are watching them and have a question feel free to drop the questions in the Mod Creation forum or in this thread and I can help answer what may not be clear (leave a timestamp if its specific to the video as well.

Hi all I've been contacted by several people Burnout's Modding video stream from his youtube channel was privated. I tried contacting burnout several days ago but not heard back (don't know if I ever will). Its not my channel so I don't have control over it.

However, one of the things I always do is download videos from youtube I like (tutorial videos) so I can have a local copy for reference, plus sometimes if I wanted to reference the video later I forget where I on youtube I found it (or what it was called). Call it paranoia or due diligence I always am under the assumption something online may disappear one day and I like everything as local as possible so I don't have to rely on other services. With that said I did indeed have a local download copy of this video. I don't personally reference the video myself anymore as I've now become a veteran of mod making but I know mod creation tutorial content is far and few these days and still valuable to new modders.

If by the request of Burnout or he restores the old video I will remove this post. Until further notice I will keep the link here for anyone that wants to view/download it. I didn't reupload it on youtube because its not my tutorial.

With that said I have been slowly working through the months on this forum to make more and more detailed and compartmentalized tutorials for NR2003 mod and track and misc content that gives clear, updated, and high resolution documentation. So fear not, anything from the video above I would eventually cover in a tutorial post here as well. I will try to do a better job getting more piece meal tutorials out over time, I just get caught up in my own NR projects its hard to scope out time for detail tutorials as well.
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