Looking for normal caution reset

Aug 13, 2023
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I am trying to find a mod for fixing the reset in the AI, it always reset single file and I think there is a mod for double file restarts after yellow.
Assuming this is about Better Cautions, the double file restart feature does not work reliably. I've observed issues like the green flag flying too early on short tracks and the field lining up improperly on other occasions. I tried using this feature in my AI series and it quickly became not worth it.
Yeah double files restarts seemed really wonky so don't I use. In some cases it would put a lap down randomly.

I do like using lap cars go to back for superspeedways and GWC is super awesome. GWC has made some races really exciting never having to end up caution, granted it has made me lose some races too but thats how it goes lol

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