Logo/Sponsor Resources

There are many logos and sponsors out there to use for paint schemes. Here are some recommended sites and methods to find a logo/sponsor first before creating a request thread:

Logo/Sponsor sites:

How to search for a logo/sponsor:

Another method to find a logo is using the search engine Bing.com. While its not really a popular web browsing search engine its image viewer is quite nice. You cna use search terms such as this format:

Sponsor name Logo PNG

Here are some search examples using this format:

You can find several good options along with clicking on a logo in the image viewer it will show similar designs.

How to find non-conventional vectors for harder to find Sponsors:

In some cases it may be hard to find a high resolution image of rarer sponsors. You may be lucky by finding PDF manufacturer documentation of the sponsor. Many of these PDF's are layered and can be opened in your paint program to extract the lossless vector image.

To search for PDF documentation open google search engine for example and use a similar format such as this:

Sponsor logo PDF

In many cases a few relatable search engine results could pop up with PDF's you can open. If you find the sponsor you are looking for save the PDF to your PC and open in a compatible paint program. Here are a few examples of this process being a success:

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