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May 28, 2022
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Kenni Valke another driver from the Armory Series that originally debut in the lower Autodesk series that showed a lot of potential. Having several strong finishes and many wins she nearly won a championship in the Armory Series. Coming back with Twitch sponsorship she is once again hoping to have a great run in the ICR series and possibly win a championship and make it to the premier division. Currently a 1 car team but potential for more drivers to join the future will happen as Twitch owned by the Amazon Team has the budget for massive expansion. Don't be surprised to see an Amazon sponsored driver along with other owned Amazon companies in the future as this team like many of the other powerhouse teams want to dominate. One strategy to do this is with lots of money, good drivers, and high paying sponsorship. With the ICR Series continuing Kenni's career they knew they wanted to sign her on with Twitch again.

current driver info status below, may contain race/stat spoilers for races not published yet
So far Kenni has had a good start in the ICR series already obtaining one win and advancing to the highest Division available for drivers to compete in. There has been a few races where things could have gone better or were out of her control due to other driver mistakes but her consistency in racing still remains. Its still to early at the moment to tell but as it stands she is in the perfect position to advance all the way tot he top with the best of the best going for a Championship that she nearly clenched when racing in the Armory Digital Series at one time.

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n/a - several planned schemes coming in the future
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