Driver Katherine Whitehurst - #17 ASUS [Pontiac]


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May 28, 2022
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As a newcomer single car driver to the ICR Series Katherine Whitehurst joined the series with high prospects for her racing career. Starting out in the Novice Division she worked her way through the lower divisions gaining partial sponsorship eventually with OpTier and SGVision. With a few wins in the lower division she moved her way up to the big first test: The Provisional Division. After a successful season the computer company ASUS fully sponsors her car now. After her initial successful launch in her career things have started to get more rocky in the higher divisions. After qualifying up to the Intermediate Division she failed to advance for the first time to the next division being a few position below the cut line and had to compete another season in the Intermediate Division.

While not all of the performance has been her fault due to some unfortunate wrecks (, she currently has a very mixed career stats wise. Despite being 10th overall in driver rankings and with 5 wins Katherine also has no championships yet. With the 1st season of the Advanced Division about to begin where so far the best of the best drivers are preparing to race in this will be the pivotal moment in her career to launch off. If she does well and can advance to the next division right away or even grab a win or two it will catapult her into superstardom with some of the greatest drivers. On the flipside, if she has another struggling season it could be the beginning of a very mediocre career where she is good enough but not Grand Champion material.

For better or for worse her fans and sponsors expect from her racing skill before coming into the ICR racing series to be championship material. To anyone else being 10th overall out of currently 180+ drivers who have entered the ICR series, 5 wins, sitting in the highest eligible division, and a new driver seems like a success, which it is for many other teams and drivers. Will the possible rising star be able to handle the pressure as a young driver with these expectation or will we find Katherine Whitehurst once again crashing into the the pit road wall like the disastrous Provisional Season 3? Only time will tell but one thing is for certain it is better to be in the situation of opportunity than not at all.

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