ICR Series Paint Schemes (Official)


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May 28, 2022
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ICR Series carset has been updated to v1.1!

Same download page as before: https://adracingdesigns.com/downloads-carsets-icr_series/


It is highly recommended you read the FULL readme for the entire breakdown but here are the major additions and changes:

If you are updating from 1.0 also recommended to replace all car files with the new ones in this download as well.

VERSION 1.1 1/4/2024

Primary Schemes (unique drivers): 156
Alternative schemes: 10


- 48 New cars have been added bringing the public carset up to 156 compared to 108 from v1.0
- 10 Alternative Hotstreak / Winner's Million schemes included (the 'cars_hotstreak_winners_versions' folder)
- Several driver ratings improved (mostly from ex-Armory Digital and ex-Autodesk series drivers to race more consistent to the skill level they had)
- Special papy.ai file included that this series uses
- Several unsponsored cars now have sponsorship
- Drivers that won a championship have the sticker added to their roof pillar

- Paint Scheme: ICR: #25: Toyota: Duncan: Cockpit Sponsor plate missing sponsor
- Paint Scheme: ICR: #10: Honda: Dr. Pepper: wheels have decals covering the hubs
- Paint Scheme: ICR: #13: Dodge: Havoline: Cockpit Sponsor plate missing sponsor
- Paint Scheme: ICR: #53: Chevy: Halo CE: Gas Cap decal missing
- Paint Scheme: ICR: #41: Ford: All: Incorrect name on DDI nameplate
- Paint Scheme: ICR: #16: Honda: Clorox: Color on Wheel hub is incorrect
- Paint Scheme: ICR: #39: Ford: Coast Guard: Cockpit Sponsor plate missing sponsor

As of v1.1 I have included my current papy.ai file if you want to us it. Over time more improvements/changes with the papy.ai will be included. If you decide to use it MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR CURRENT PAPY.AI FIRST

Some things to note with this papy.ai:
- This papy.ai allows the ai to race in more variation from their lines they choose, also better cars will perform better and worse cars will be more prone to racing lousy/have accidents.
- Creates more dynamic racing where cars near the end of the race will 'rally' more to try and improve their positions and also be smarter and more aware blocking/protecting positions.
- All my races I tune track ini for 100% AI racing difficulty
- Some tracks may require tuning so cars do no hit walls or out-race you so fast, for example if a track his a high ai_line_modifier you may need to lower it. If AI are driving too fast/slow to your liking adjust the AI grip/drag values up/down in track inis as well
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