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Welcome to NR2003 Camhack

What is Camhack you ask? Well it is a nifty little tool that allows you to modify any of the car's camera positions. This is different from CCM (camera control master) as it is not a permanent in the changes it makes. It does not overwrite any cam files. That may seem like a bad thing but just like CCM it needs to be running before you start up NR2003. The major difference between CCM and camhack is CCM is used for replay camera editing while Camhack allows you to modify the cameras you actually race with including the close and far chase camera views which CCM cannot. It even allows you to save presets which is awesome. The presets can be loaded with the click of a button and mapped to the 1-9 keys on your keyboard. Before we jump into camhack we first need to install it.

Installing Camhack

Unlike most tools camhack can sometimes be tricky to get working due to it being old and windows 7/8 are new Operating systems compared to it. The program is harder to install than actually use so don't worry we'll get through it together.

If you try the program out and get an error you need the fixed dx8vb.dll file installed on your pc. It fixes the Windows Vista / 7 error the program would get and makes it run again. If anyone needs help installing the dx8vb.dll file this YouTube video goes over how. I found this video a long time ago and was really helpful. The video is about GTA cam hack but the NR2003 is basically the same:

I typed out what he goes over in the video. Just replace the part in brackets (and remove the brackets too) with your user name folder.

C:\Users\[Insert User name here]>cd \windows\system32 C:\Windows\System32>regsvr32 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dx8vb.dll C:\Windows\System32>

After that camhack should be good to go!

Note: If CamHack is open and you are in NR2003 and it doesn't seem to respond make sure the program is set to 'run as administrator' and its is not set to 'read only' in its file properties.

Setting up Camhack for the first time

When you boot up camhack for the first time you are greeted with this little menu:


Click on the big Control settings button:


In here is where you set up all your keys. Most are self explanatory:

  • The Enable and Disable key enable and disable the camhack tool to function when in NR2003
  • The Forward, Back, Right, Left, Up and Down options allow you to move the camera Forward, Back, Right, Left, Up and Down.
  • Reset view reset back to the original camera view (like Camhack was never turned on)
  • Change preset is used to swap between your custom 1-9 key presets
  • Toggle Mouse modifier allows you to move the camera view with the mouse (like you would look around in a first person shooter)
  • The look left, right, ad back keys are exactly this, it's like how you can look left and right in cockpit view but this allows you to do it in any view while racing.
  • Increase and decrease FOV (Field of View) allows you to pull the camera focus in or out. This is usually not needed
  • Increase and decrease Aspect Ratio will change your aspect ratio. I highly recommend leaving this one alone as you don't need to adjust aspect ratio unless you want to race in some really bizarre and stretched view
  • Default FOV and Aspect Ratio reverts back to normal settings so if you mess up you can just press that key.

So now that you know what they all do start mapping your desired keys to the controls. You can map any control to any button on your keyboard, controller, or steering wheel. But keep in mind if you map a key to something NR2003 uses then camhack and NR2003 will use them at the same time (which is not good).

After you have it all set up make sure to press that big save & Close button or else your settings will not be saved.

Using Camhack for the first time

So all that is left to do is the super easy part which is go into NR2003 and make some camera views!

Make sure camhack tool is running in the background before you start up NR2003. Once in NR2003 go to testing session (or race doesn't matter, just go to any mode that allows you to be in the car racing).

This is what your normal racing view for example looks like:


Now enable the camhack tool by pressing the key you mapped to enable it (in this case the period key on my keyboard enables Cam hack). Next press the key that enables mouse toggle on. What this does is allow you to now use your mouse as if you were moving around in a first person shooter. Move your mouse slightly down and try to replicate this view:


See how the mirror looks lower? All I did was change the camera angle. Now save this as a preset. To do this simply hold the CTRL key down and press '1' (CTRL +1). This camera angle has now been saved into camhack. Lets test it right now. Press the key you use to reset views (if not sure go into camhack settings and see what key you map to reset the views). Now press the 1 key on your keyboard. See what happened? You just loaded a saved preset and that's it!

You have now successfully mastered the camhack tool. You can use all the move buttons that you mapped to turn the camera around, make a blimp view, race from the side of the car, a different roof angle, and just about any crazy view you can think of. Each preset works each of the 5 camera views (Cockpit, Roof, Bumper, Close and Far chase)

So what good is Camhack for?

Well a lot of things, like if you want to make a different view to race in. It's also good for a little mod known as UIE 2013 and will allow you to use certain UI layouts without your mirror being covered.


I hope this tutorial has helped and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Below are some example views I made myself with camhack for this tutorial to show what you can do with it. Keep in mind the mirror will not always appear in the views if your rotate the camera too much. For this demonstration I wanted to keep the mirror in view so you know it's actually camhack and not replay manager.




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