Driver Erika Peters - #20 Budweiser [Chevy]


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May 28, 2022
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Erika Peters was a multi-time champion in the Armory Digital Cup series from 1997 to 2019 from start to finish of the series. She quickly became not only a skilled driver but multiple wins and a 4 time champion over the years which placed her with the most Championships of any driver in the series. Along with her success she gained a huge following of fans and eventually earned the nickname "Queen of the Superspeedways" where some of her most iconic wins happened when pack racing was involved. Even more surprising she has taken over the road course scene as well. In 2014 alone she was a top leading contender for almost all the road course races. With the closing of the Armory Digital Series Erika won her 4th and final championship to top off the closing of a 2 decade long series and a final impression on everyone her the iconic red Budweiser car and her legacy.

Now enter the ICR Series in 2020, Erika and her team are back as one of the first teams to join. Despite the ICR series having a much larger reach in sponsoship deals, manufacturers, and tire brands Budweiser, Chevy, and Goodyear all signed a multi-year contract making this car closely identical to the same version she ran in the last season of the Armory Digital Cup Series. While multiple manufacturers and tire brands tried to strike a deal, Peters Motosports has decided to go with what has been working out well for them already and they hope to do the same in the ICR series as well.

current driver info status below, may contain race/stat spoilers for races not published yet
With several races and Divisions completed already in the ICR series Erika is currently in the lead pack of drivers with 2 wins already. She hasn't finished 1st yet in a division to earn a championship but has been competitive enough that out of the 180+ driver entries in the ICR series so far she is in the top 20 on the leaderboards. The highest division unlocked so far is the Advanced Division and Erika is currently set to compete in a season there to continue moving up the ladder of divisions.

Primary Scheme:

Alternate Schemes:
n/a - several planned schemes coming in the future
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