Tip Enable chat for offline racing

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Enabling chat for offline racing in NR2003 is very beneficial as you gain access to additional commands you can use that were previously only available to online users (such as bring out a caution while in replay mode). Also you will see additional details on the AI when racing showing if they breakdown, were penalized, had to pt for a breakdown, or were DNF'd from the race. To include this feature just follow the simple steps below:

1) Open up the papy_ai.ini file in your NR2003 root directory

2) Just under the section called [ Behavior ] add this new debug section:

[ debug ] tire_wear_calibration_enable = 1 update_mechanical_problems = 1

In-game when you go to race weekend for offline racing you will see a chat button available on the far left. This button will now allow you to type commands previously only available online racing. Also when AI penalties and breakdowns occur the chat box will display this.

As a bonus if you want to make the chat button position more organized so it is not covering the papyrus logo you can download this addon to adjust it: Offline chat button adjustment
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