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May 28, 2022
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This section will contain detailed breakdown of each Driver in the ICR Series in terms of background history. Some drivers have come from previous series (within the same universe as this series exists). Other drivers are brand new with no history. Each driver will have an individual post created in this section. These threads will update as drivers race more and gain additional history as well (if there is any noticeable details to list). They will also include any alternative schemes or previous schemes they race with as well.

For a more detailed showcase of paint schemes please visit the Official ICR Series Showroom thread.

Previous existing series:

Armory Digital Series - This series was the longest lasting premiere cup series. Originally formed in 1990's this series hosted many of the well known and veteran drivers that joined the ICR Series early. The series shut down just before the ICR series began in 2020. Teams wishing to still race have been slowly moving their drivers, sponsors, and crew over to the ICR Series.

Autodesk Series - The Autodesk Series was a series made to compliment the Armory Digital Series and formed in early 2000's. It was formerly known as the Optical Frequency series in its early days. This series up and coming drivers that may not have had as much skill yet and wanted to advance to the Armory Digital cup series. The series also hosted several veteran drivers from the Armory Digital Series that would double dip and compete in this series too.

Bud Light Truck Series - The Bud Light Truck Series was a very short lived series. It formed in 2016 and only had a few seasons before shutting down alongside the Autodesk and Armory Series. Thie series primarily hosted older drivers and teams that were in the early days of the Armory Digital Cup series and also some newer drivers looking to advance.

Driver entry tier levels:
Each driver entering the series is placed either in the Novice Division or can skip to the Provisional division. Not all drivers have a formed history yet. For the sake of not repeating the same phases over and over about new drivers entering the series and not having any race history yet they will be labeled accordingly to the list below as a reference:

New Entry Novice: This is a driver with no sponsorship and known race history. They will be starting out in the lowest division (Novice). Until they have race history there will most likely be no driver details to mention.

New Entry Provisional - This is a driver who has at a minimum Sponsorship and is on a team that owns the car. Drivers placed in Provisional division to start have also passed a racing test that the ICR Series requires to be able to be positioned in this division. These more experienced drivers are placed in the Provisional division to start instead of Novice to prevent the newest drivers from struggling to learn in small and less competitive fields until they can prove they have the skill to advance.

Veteran Entry Provisional - Similar to the New Entry Provisional, these are drivers with seasoned history already and most likely coming from one of the previous series listed above.
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