Direct X 8 to 9 dll updates v12.0.0 (7/20/2023) (d3d8.dll)


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May 28, 2022
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I had not created a thread on this forum yet as there had been no new updates to the dx8 to 9 dll but today there was a new updated to version 12.0:

I have not tested this updated dll version yet to see if it makes any changes or fixes the shadows on car issues that previous version had but will report back once I try it out. I will use this thread for any future updates dx 8 to 9 dll has as well
I've done several races with it across a few tracks the last 2 days and not noticed any adverse side affects (just raced with my ICR mod).

I can confirm the shadows from structures toggled on will still make the cars black (minor drawback for getting like 300% fps gain on tracks lol). It doesn't seem as bad as previous dll versions but still there so I just have it toggled off in the graphics settings still. I still recommended if anyone uses the dll to just use most recent versions, usually has at least more optimizations between dx 8 to 9 so no harm in dropping in latest version when possible.
Some good news on Dx9. Someone made a Dx9 version that finally fixed the shadows on cars from other cars and structure to work. You can read the details in this reddit thread here:
It can be used with Reshade Vulcan (I don't use reshade so you'll have to figure out that config on your own)

For non reshade users like me here is the medaifire link they shared with the new dx9.dll:

Remove from your NR directory any of the other dx dll's and just copy over the d3d9.dll let NR2003 run the graphics again and tweak your settings. Now you can turn shadows from other cars and structures on and see the cars react to going under shadows again.

NOTE: If you use my ICR or GoKart mods shadows from other cars/structures will not work yet. I found a bug I never knew about that I will be creating a patch for to update my mods you can download in the near future so you can enjoy shadows working on them as well. I will also explain what the cause was and why I didn't know about it when developing the mods, one of those things you dont know unless were trained on really lol.
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