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Back to my 2003 set, I'm far enough along in terms of finishing the roster that I have decided to start making alternate drivers and paint schemes. So here we go!

#00 Jerry Nadeau Aarons Chevrolet
Jerry Nadeau drove for Micheal Waltrip Racing in 2002 at Chicagoland while he was bouncing around between teams, and as such I have put him as an alternate to Buckshot (with the U.S. Army Pontiac to get some of its alternate drivers in the not too distant future)

#0 Jack Sprague Net Zero Inverse Pontiac
This is a completely fictional scheme, reversing the colors of Sprague's regular scheme, to create an alternate. I personally think it is pretty good.

#02 Hermie Sadler GoTeamVA.com Pontiac
Basically a manufacturer swap to represent the car as seen in NASCAR Thunder 2004

#1 Jeff Green Pennzoil Chevrolet
Jeff Green and Steve Park swapped rides after Richmond in 2003, and it was Green who represented the Pennzoil team in NASCAR Thunder 2004. Basically nothing more than a name rail swap.

#30 Steve Park America Online Chevrolet
The other half of the Richmond swap, Park would see out the remainder of the season, unlike Green. Again, mostly a change on the name rail.

#6 Mark Martin Viagra Inverse Ford
This is an inverse scheme that actually ran IRL, I like this variant of the scheme, and feel it measures up to the primary black car.

#16 Matt Kenseth DeWalt Tools Ford
Now onto probably the most cursed car among the lot, this scheme was inspired by a photo from Watkins Glen testing in 2003 where Greg Biffle was running a car with the unpainted base of Matt Kenseth on it. So I decided to make a fictional "as raced" version, with Matt Kenseth behind the wheel.

#18 Bobby Labonte Interstate Batteries Pontiac
What-if Joe Gibbs Racing never switched to Chevrolet? Well Here you go! Again a simple manufacture swap, but I did have to realign the rear base scheme.

#20 Tony Stewart Home Depot Pontiac
The same concept as above but with Tony Stewart. Pretty simple, though I had to adjust around the C-Pillar

#31 Robby Gordon Cingular Wireless Inverse Chevrolet
Based on Robby Gordon's as raced 2003 inverse scheme, this also happened to be shipped with NR2003 as a default car.

#19 Casey Atwood Dodge Dealers Dodge
What if Casey Atwood stayed in the #19 car? This answers that question. But it is not the only Atwood car of this lot.....

#19 Casey Atwood Motorola Dodge
As I made an alternate based on Atwood's part-time 2000 Motorola car, but reworked to fit with the Dodge program.
Today I'm showcasing some more alternate paint schemes, as well as a few actual field additions.

#5 Terry Labonte Kelloggs Frosted Flakes Chevrolet
2003 saw Terry Labonte pick up his final victory at the fall Darlington race, as well as a top 10 points finish, capping off the last great season of his career.

#24 Jeff Gordon DuPont Automotive Finishes Chevrolet
2003 was more of the expected for the Wonder Boy, with 3 wins and a 4th place points finish to show for it.

#25 Joe Nemechek UAW-Delphi Chevrolet
Front Row Joe brought the #25 crew their first win since Nadeau's 2000 triumph at Richmond, though otherwise it wasn't a stellar season by any measure, though for the Papa Joe owned entry for HMS that wasn't a big surprise.

and now for the alternate paint schemes starting with a string of Jeff Gordon cars.

#24 Jeff Gordon Pepsi Chevrolet
This paint scheme is inspired by the scheme Jeff Gordon ran in 2007 and 2008, basically the Dupont flames but Pepsi colors.

#24 Jeff Gordon Dupont Alternate Chevrolet
This is basically Jeff Gordon's 2009 Primary translated onto the 2003 base with associated 2003 era logos.

#24 Jeff Gordon National Guard ESGR Chevrolet
This is another 2009 paint scheme, this time his Darlington car from that year. Not 100% accurate to the car as ran, as like many cars I "2003-ified" it.

#24 Jeff Gordon Niccorette Chevrolet
Jeff Gordon ran a Niccorette scheme in various races throughout the 2007 and 2008 campaigns, so I made my own interpretation.

#24 Jeff Gordon Niccorette Cinnamon Surge Chevrolet
This car was ran at Atlanta in 2007, and is not my best work, as doing the drop shadow shading the real car had is out of my current skillset.

#24 Jeff Gordon Niccorette White Ice Mint Gum Chevrolet
The inspiration for this paint scheme also comes from an Atlanta race, this time from 2008. Again, several flaws in the methods used to make this, but since I have no plans to release these, touching them up isn't high priority.

#19 Jeremy Mayfield Mountain Dew Dodge
Now for an alternate actually run during the 2003 season, this car just looks mean, hence why I bullishly took up the project. This scheme also ran in 2004.

#9 Kasey Kahne Mountain Dew Dodge
The inverse of Mayfield's car, this car ran in 2004 only, but I decided to back port it to the 2003 Intrepid for funsies. I also have a standard Kasey Kahne scheme based on Bill Elliott's 2003 car but it is simply a name rail swap so not worth showing.

#79 Jeremy Mayfield Mountain Dew Dodge
Now this fine specimen is based on a car from the fall Rockingham Busch race, of which Mayfield started 3rd and finished 4th.

Other cars I have made that are merely name rail swaps include Kevin Lepage as an alternate for the #4, Mike Wallace and Mike Skinner as alts for the #01, and Buckshot Jones as an alternate for James Finch's #09.
Today I cranked out several cars, mainly alternate teams and drivers.

#94 Bill Elliott McDonalds Dodge/Ford
What if Bill Elliott continued his team through 2003? I made both a Ford and Dodge variant, depending on what I feel using that race.

#84 Norm Benning Unsponsored Chevrolet's
Norm Benning now has 2 additional paint schemes, the first based on his 2004 Daytona Busch car, while the other is based on his 2002 Duel car, sans a few sponsor logos for the sake of effect.

#46 Brennan Poole/#47 Dawson Cram Unsponsored Pontiac's

Welcome G2G Racing into the set, with a pair of snazzy looking but ultimately unsponsored - and slow - Pontiac's. The real team runs Toyota's but since I'm not adding them to this roster(as of now) I decided to shift them to Pontiacs.
Back to playing with Papyrus models, this time I heavily Reworked and remapped the N3 Carshape into a 2000 Monte Carlo.

Chevy00 Render 1.png

Here is a more advanced version with a beta Dale Earnhardt 2000 skin.
2000 Dale Earnhardt Goodwrench Chevy.png
So I decided to go further with the above idea, and push it closer to something I could get into NR2003. So here is the updated Low-Poly Monte Carlo

Chevy00 Render 2.png

The rear quarter windows are filled in now, a personal choice allowing for ease of making alternate templates, while the Tire textures are mapped to the same texture as the body itself, allowing me to not only change the rim color, but the sidewall lettering and even tread design on a per car basis, say if I wanted to add treaded Hoosier dirt track tires. The rest of the windows and the chassis/interior (which is less of an interior proper right now and more of a black floor pan and shell) are placeholder materials/textures, of which I will update at a later point.
Hello, I'm back, and now that my low-poly 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is done, I'm finally starting to put some paint schemes on it, some being parodies, others my own design.

So lets start with a knock-off Dale Earnhardt car, the #30 JB Speedwrench Chevrolet, representing the primary motor oil brand of Jenson & Benton Petroleum Corperation.

30 Speedwrench.png
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Hello, I'm back, and now that my low-poly 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is done, I'm finally starting to put some paint schemes on it, some being parodies, others my own design.

So lets start with a knock-off Dale Earnhardt car, the #30 JB Speedwrench Chevrolet, representing the primary motor oil brand of Jenson & Benton Petroleum Corperation.

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Here is some more 3d noodling, this time editing the NR2002 body shape to better match the 2005 bodies, including modified noses(which are also lower and longer) and rear bumpers.

First is the 2005 Monte Carlo, with it's unique rear bumper shape and flattened "ledge" like front bumper

2005 Chevy Monte Carlo NR2002.png

Next is the 2005 Dodge Charger, with the anteater nose, and a more sloped rear bumper

2005 Dodge Charger NR2002.png

I haven't gotten to the Ford yet, but that will be next then maybe a Pontiac Grand Prix or Dodge Intrepid for the 4th make.
For a long time I have considered trying my hand at game development, to create a NASCAR Inspired game. Of course actually doing such a thing is likely a down-the-road thing, but that doesn't mean I can't come up with concept ideas that I could use for such a project right?

So with that out of the way, here is the car:

#52 Vulptereen Oil Filters Ford
52 Vulptereen Ford.png
This car is clearly inspired by the Wood Brothers Purolator cars of the 70's and Early 80's. Right now it is lacking additional associates, which I will deal with at a later date as I make them, especially as concerns the fender contigs. Template is a 2048x2048 T-Bird from Dr. Noise, while the number comes from a numberset by Tre Cool Grafx.
Hello, recently I've been slowly working on recreating the fantasy Cup drivers from NASCAR Dirt to Daytona. Here is what I have so far:

#111 - Todd LeGare - Jackson Tire and Auto - Dodge Intrepid
111 Jackson Dodge.png
The first of the 6 I have done, most of the resources for this were made a long while back, and just now I've finally gotten around to doing something with them. As far as schemes go this one is one of my least favorites among the lineup, as despite the schemes simplicity a lot of the various aspects clash and it seems a bit haphazard.

112 - Dave Whiteman - Monster Games - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
112 Monster Games Chevy.png
This car has a pretty nice scheme. Black Red and Silver/Grey is a color combination that is hard to get wrong, and the scheme has enough going on to not be boring.

116 - Mike Mac - Eldon Racing - Ford Taurus
116 Eldon Ford.png
Another clean, simple design. Maybe a bit basic, but mostly in a good way. Again white, black and red make good combinations.

118 - Sam Spychalla - Xtreme - Ford Taurus
118 Xtreme Ford.png
This car is one of the visually more interesting ones out of the batch, with the crossing X's and various shades of black/grey and blue. Probably up there on my favorites list.

141 - Evan Howard - Quick Care - Pontiac Grand Prix
141 Quick Care Pontiac.png
This is a scheme that in game is one of my favorites, but on the OG cup body it sort of loses a bit of it's luster. I like the colors, but just feel it needs a bit "more"

181 - Ace Reesce - Dirt to Daytona - Pontiac Grand Prix
181 Dirt to Datona Pontiac.png
This is a bit of a unique case among the games fantasy car roster, as it doesn't appear as an AI car, but rather is the player car in the Beat the Heat mode. The name might not be 100% accurate as the quality of the name rail on the texture was not the greatest. I love the gradient, and the black lines and blue numbers add up to a pretty slick design.

And with that I am 6 cars down on 16 that make up the games fantasy cup roster (though I might also do the career mode primary sponsors if I can unlock them)

Templates: RacinGrafx
Numbers: Me
Logos: Me, Google
Contigs: Christoph
Today I've made more progress on the D2D to NR2003 carset project.

113 - Ron Zavell - Craftsman Tools - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
113 Craftsman Chevy.png
This is certainly one of the more intricate schemes among the set, but I think I did it well. The pink and Black is a nice color combo, and yes the car in game was pink, not red, and very unarguably so. The texture flat for this car has the name of Jim Ferris, a holdover from NASCAR Heat 2002's Xbox version which this car featured in. Jim Ferris does appear in the field, but in a different car that will be made/showcased later.

117 - Brian McCabe - Stonebrook Batteries - Pontiac Grand prix
117 Stonebrook Pontiac.png
A very striking paint scheme, this is probably amongst my favorites. Purple isn't a common color seen on race cars, and it works with the yellow and white.

171 - John Borland - Valeron Industries - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
171 Valeron Chevy.png
Now this scheme is obviously Jeff Gordon inspired, but with a orange stripe running the bottom and no flame outlines, along with 2 narrow yellow stripes going from hood to decklid. Pretty neat scheme, nothing much else to say about it.

Templates: RacinGrafx
Numbers: Me
Logos: Me, Google
Contigs: Christoph
Back with some more cars, including an addendum or two.

115 - Jim Ferris - Tech One - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
115 Tech One Chevy.png
This is the aforementioned car driven by Jim Ferris in the game, a colorful green 115 car. This is one I typically highly rate in game, but after making it and transposing the scheme to the papyrus Chevy model, it seems a bit plain yet busy, similar to the 111 car shown earlier.

211 - Chris Enock - Blue Valley - Ford Taurus
211 Blue Valley Ford.png
Now this is a car I definitely want to go back and redo at some point, as the sponsors are not accurate enough for my tastes as I couldn't find the proper font, so had to improvise with what I could scrounge up. The scheme itself is nice though, with a calming mix of blues, accentuated by the yellow numbers and stripes.

Next up are the two addendums to the set.

113 - Jim Ferris - Craftsman Tools - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
113 Craftsman Chevy 2.png
I ultimately decided to make the texture accurate Jim Ferris version of the #113. This will be considered a "bonus car" among the set.

181 - Echo River - Dirt to Daytona - Pontiac Grand Prix
181 Dirt to Daytona Pontiac 2.png
This is the big change, as upon further research I found out that I was wrong about this car not appearing as an AI car, as it totally does, driven by Echo River. So for the sake of game accuracy, I will include this in the set, along with the Ace Reesce variant so people can choose between the driver that's in game, or the driver named on the texture file.

Templates: RacinGrafx
Numbers: Me
Logos: Me, Google
Contigs: Christoph
Today I've cooked up two more cars, one of which interesting enough has a real life driver.

121 - Jon Wood - Wood Brothers - Ford Taurus
121 Wood Brothers Ford.png
One of the fantasy drivers in Dirt to Daytona is then truck series driver Jon Wood of the famed Wood Brothers family. This is a pretty funky paint scheme with the repeating Wo pattern on the side.

161 - James Daly - MPM Sports - Ford Taurus
161 MPM Ford.png
This is a decent scheme, a mix of blues and yellow with a spot of bright green to brighten up the mostly dark base colors. The logo for this also had to be somewhat improvised font wise, but it looks better than the #211 Ford.

Templates: RacinGrafx
Numbers: Me
Logos: Me, Google
Contigs: Christoph
2004 Todd Adrewvan Jr. #54 Burger King Chevrolet
Templates: Thiago
Numbers: Me
Logos: Me, Google
Contigs: The Racing Groove
The final 3 cars for the Dirt to Daytona Cup Fantasy driver carset (or are they?.......)

101 - Mike Henson - Marathon Sports Drink - Dodge Intrepid
101 Marathon Dodge.png
The second dodge in this set. I like the paint scheme, but don't understand why they made the M in the logos so hard to see.

119 - Michael Hovel - Mad Jack's BBQ Sauce - Ford Taurus
119 Mad Jacks Ford.png
This was fun to do, especially the hood logo with the bear. I also like how the side logo follows the curvature of the base.

131 - Owen Justice - Flaming Joes Hot Sauce - Chevy Monte Carlo
131 Flaming Joes Chevy.png
Another one that was fairly tricky to do, and one that I feel could be revisited. The light color infills on the flames isn't perfectly accurate, but it's close enough to do the trick.

Now it's time to do the pitboxes..... bleh

Templates: RacinGrafx
Numbers: Me
Logos: Me, Google
Contigs: Christoph
To answer the ominous intro from the last post, I have also decided to do the Career Mode Primary paint schemes (with some interpretation of course, considering the original schemes only had the sponsor logo on the hood)

All of these cars have random names, since they never were intended to be driven by anyone other than the player.

100 - Harold Meyer - MeadWestVaco - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
100 MeadWestVaco Chevy.png
This scheme is pretty simple. I decided to keep the blue with white outline on the side, as the outline makes the blue text legible enough against the blue background to not have too big of a problem.

151 - Glen Freye - Infogrames - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
151 Infogrames Chevy.png
This is the top dog sponsor amongst the primaries possible to earn in game, asking you to essentially beat Jeff Gordon's record tying 13 win season.

166 - Ryan Carpenter - NSA Recruiting - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
166 NSA Recuiting Chevy.png
Apparently the National Security Agency's recruiting department could be had as a sponsor, though the hood logo doesn't match any NSA logos I've seen. But with the origin of the company stated on the sponsorship offer letter being Washington DC, it can't be anything else.

175 - Dick Piston - Nikon - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
175 Nikon Chevy.png
Anyone who has watched WinVow8820's Dirt to Daytona series will be familiar with this name. Bright Yellow with Grey and random blue make up the colorways on this car.

199 - Wayne Fentonhaus - Polaris - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
199 Polaris Chevy.png
The first sponsor you get upon joining the Cup ranks in Dirt to Daytona, this red car with grey and blue (hello again random blue stripe.) Most people who have played this game have driven this machine, though why they went with red for the primary color when Polaris' corporate colors feature blue, I have no clue.

and that completes every car for the Dirt to Daytona to NR2003 carset. now all I have left are pit crews.

Templates: RacinGrafx
Numbers: Me
Logos: Me, Google
Contigs: Christoph
Now with my "big project" out of the way, I'm back to making random one-off cars. Starting with a retro car of a modern driver.

#57 - Kyle Larson - Tarlton and Sons Inc. - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Decided to turn Kyle Larson's sprint car into a low-budget early 2000's cup car. Not too much in terms of details for the scheme itself, just a white car with logos and a number. Would likely be used in my smaller local races with this mod.

Templates: S&G
Numbers: Me
Logos: Me, Google
Contigs: Champ_4811