Cup Season 1

Welcome to the American Stockcar Union or ASCU. The first season roster will be based off of the 2024 NASCAR Cup series roster with a few major differences, but first some more details on how the League is done.
1. Charter system: The charter system will resemble the NASCAR Cup Series charter system where there are 36 full time spots.
2. Points and Playoffs: Point System and Playoffs will be conducted the same way NASCAR Cup Series does it
3. Champions: There will be two champions; The Overall Champion and the Playoff Champion.
Overall Champion: The driver with the most points (Non Playoff) at the end of the season.
Playoff Champion: The driver who wins the championship
Now we can get on with the roster.
#1 Ross Chastain
#2 Austin Cindric
#3 Austin Dillion
#4 Josh Berry
#5 Kyle Larson
#6 Brad Keslowski
#7 Corey Lajoie
#8 Kyle Bush
#9 Chase Elliot
#10 Noah Gragson
#11 Denny Hamlin
#12 Ryan Blaney
#14 Chase Briscoe
#16 Daniel Hemric
#17 Chris Buesher
#19 Martin Truex JR
#20 Christopher Bell
#21 Trevor Bayne
#22 Joey Logano
#23 Bubba Wallace
#24 William Byron
#34 Micheal McDowell
#38 Todd Gilliland
#41 Ryan Preece
#42 John Hunter Nemechek
#43 Eric Jones
#45 Tyler Reddick
#47 Ricky Stenhouse Jr
#48 Alex Bowman
#54 Ty Gibbs
#60 Rex Jenkins / RFK Racing bought one of the RWR charters
#62 Austin Hill / Beard Motorsports bought one of the RWR charters
#67 Travis Pastrana / 23XI buys charter from Kaulig
#77 Carson Hocevar
#91 Shane Van Gisbergen / Instead of Spire, Trackhouse buys Live Fast's charter
#99 Daniel Saurez

Now that the roster is out of the way lets move on to the schedule; It is a 36 race season like the NASCAR Cup Series with a 26 race regular season and a 10 race playoff sequence.
Nashville Superspeedway 1/2/24 - winner: Christopher Bell
Pikes Peak 1/2/24 - winner: Chase Elliott
North Wilkesboro 1/7/24 - winner: Chase Briscoe
Phoenix 1/9/24 - winner: Chase Elliott
Atlanta 1/14/24 - winner: Chris Buesher
Cota - Cancelled
Richmond - 1/16/24 winner: Rex Jenkins
Bristol Dirt - Cancelled
Talladega - 1/21/24 winner: Rex Jenkins
Dover - 1/25/24 winner: Rex Jenkins
Kansas - 1/28/24 winner: Chase Elliott
Darlington - 1/30/24 winner: Ryan Blaney
Charlotte - 2/6/24 winner: Rex Jenkins
Gateway - 2/10/24 winner: Rex Jenkins
Sonoma - Cancelled
Daytona - 2/20/24 winner: Rex Jenkins
Chicago Street Race - Cancelled
Memphis - Cancelled
New Hampshire - Cancelled
Watkins Glen - Cancelled
Texas World Speedway - 3/4/24 winner: Rex Jenkins
Michigan - Cancelled
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course - Cancelled
Pocono - Cancelled
Daytona - Ricky Stenhouse JR
-- Round of 16 --
Nashville Fairgrounds - 4/20/24 winner: Rex Jenkins
Kansas - 4/23/24 winner: Chase Elliott
Bristol - 4/23/24 winner: Brad Keslowski

-- Round of 12 --
Iowa - 4/23/24 winner: Chase Briscoe
Michigan - 4/23/24 winner: Brad Keslowski
Charlotte - 4/25/24 winner: Brad Keslowski

-- Round of 8 --
Las Vegas - 4/25/24 winner: Rex Jenkins
Homestead Miami - 4/25/24 winner: Chris Buesher
Martinsville - 4/25/24 winner: Chase Briscoe

-- Shootout at Texas --
Texas Motor Speedway winner: Rex Jenkins
Champion - Rex Jenkins 10 wins

I plan to do at least one race a week maybe two.
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Tried recording the race it didn't work so I will experiment with the next one.

Nashville Race Results

Pos#DriverPointsBehindWinsTop 5sTop 10sPlayoff Points
1.20Christopher Bell*6001117
2.9Chase Elliott53-70110
3.7Corey Lajoie50-100110
4.12Ryan Blaney47-130110
5.17Chris Buescher43-170010
6.16Daniel Hemric42-180110
7.54Ty Gibbs38-220010
8.14Chase Briscoe35-250010
9.43Erik Jones32-280010
10.Trevor Bayne29-310010
11.45Tyler Reddick26-340000
12.2Austin Cindric25-350000
13.24William Byron24-360000
14.22Joey Logano23-370000
15.47Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.22-380000
16.91Shane van Gisbergen21-390000
17.48Alex Bowman20-400000
18.5Kyle Larson19-410000
19.34Michael McDowell18-420000
20.8Kyle Busch17-430000
21.1Ross Chastain16-440000
22.67Travis Pastrana15-450000
23.77Carson Hocevar14-460000
24.23Bubba Wallace13-470000
25.99Daniel Suarez12-480000
26.62Austin Hill11-490000
27.6Brad Keselowski10-500000
28.3Austin Dillon9-510000
29.38Todd Gilliland8-520000
30.10Noah Gragson7-530000
31.42John Hunter Nemechek6-540000
32.41Ryan Preece5-550000
33.60David Ragan4-560000
34.11Denny Hamlin3-570000
35.4Josh Berry2-580000
36.19Martin Truex, Jr. (Header Failure)1-590000

Christopher Bell dominated wining both stage 1& 2 holding off Chase Elliott for the win, while Corey Lajoie, Daniel Hemric, and Trevor Bayne all score top tens. Martin Truex Jr suffered a header failure on lap 13 that took him out of the race.
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Untitled (2).png
Untitled (3).png
Pikes Peak results:
Pos#DriverPointsBehindWinsTop 5sTop 10sPlayoff Points
1.9Chase Elliott*6001117
2.14Chase Briscoe53-70110
3.12Ryan Blaney50-100110
4.17Chris Buescher47-130110
5.43Erik Jones44-160110
6.54Ty Gibbs41-190010
7.7Corey Lajoie37-230010
8.21Harrison Burton34-260010
9.45Tyler Reddick33-270010
10.22Joey Logano28-320010
11.16Daniel Hemric27-330000
12.8Kyle Busch25-350000
13.2Austin Cindric25-350000
14.48Alex Bowman23-370000
15.11Denny Hamlin22-380000
16.20Christopher Bell21-390000
17.1Ross Chastain20-400000
18.19Martin Truex, Jr.19-410000
19.47Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.18-420000
20.24William Byron17-430000
21.91Shane van Gisbergen16-440000
22.5Kyle Larson15-450000
23.34Michael McDowell14-460000
24.99Daniel Suarez13-470000
25.6Brad Keselowski12-480000
26.10Noah Gragson11-490000
27.77Carson Hocevar10-500000
28.23Bubba Wallace9-510000
29.67Travis Pastrana8-520000
30.38Todd Gilliland7-530000
31.3Austin Dillon6-540000
32.50Connor Daly5-550000
33.4Josh Berry4-560000
34.62Austin Hill3-570000
35.41Ryan Preece2-580000
36.60David Ragan1-590000
Chase Elliott put on a thrilling performance winning both stage 1&2 and then in the final laps held off closing Chase Briscoe.
Joey Logano moved up 17 positions enroute to a tenth place finish.
Eric Jones, Tyler Reddick, and Harrison Burton were all able to get top 10s.

Season standings after Pikes Peak:

Pos#DriverPointsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPlayoff Points
19Chase Elliott*1131227
212Ryan Blaney970220
37Corey Lajoie870110
417Chris Buescher900220
514Chase Briscoe880120
620Christopher Bell*811117
754Ty Gibbs790010
843Erik Jones350010
916Daniel Hemric690110
1045Tyler Reddick590010
1122Joey Logano510010
122Austin Cindric500000
1348Alex Bowman430000
148Kyle Busch420000
1524William Byron410000
1647Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.400000
1791Shane van Gisbergen370000
181Ross Chastain360000
195Kyle Larson340000
20Harrison Burton340010
2134Michael McDowell320000
22Trevor Bayne290010
2311Denny Hamlin250000
2499Daniel Suarez250000
2577Carson Hocevar240000
2667Travis Pastrana230000
276Brad Keselowski220000
2823Bubba Wallace220000
2919Martin Truex, Jr.200000
3010Noah Gragson180000
2938Todd Gilliland150000
303Austin Dillon150000
3162Austin Hill140000
3241Ryan Preece70000
3342John Hunter Nemechek60000
344Josh Berry60000
3550Connor Daly50000
3660David Ragan50000
BREAKING NEWS:Untitled (4).png
Penske is shutting down its operations in ASCU, details, like where the drivers' futures, and charters is not disclosed at this time.
Rumor: New team that has supposed links with Honda is talked to Penske officials, and ASCU officials.
Untitled (5).png

Breaking News: Blaney signs with 23XI to drive the 23 car next year.
"We are excited to have Blaney join us for season 2" - 23XI
Breaking News: Joey Logano to become an official at Penske racing after the season, and retire from full time ASCU racing.
"With Penske leaving the sport I am moving on to a new chapter in my life, I get to try out the business side of the sport.
I don't plan on leaving entirely, I hope to put together a part time schedule next season, and who knows maybe in a few years I will start my own team"
- Joey Logano
So Logano will be behind the scenes at Penske for its IMSA and Indy car operations for the foreseeable future.

After this announcement it leaves only Austin Cindric who hasn't confirmed his plans for next season.
For your information I did miscalculate charters, so I removed the money team from the list of full time entries.
Reports say that Wolfhound Racing a Nissan team in the American Endurance League is coming to ASCU, and bringing Nissan with them.
A team with that amount of funding and resources should be able to be a competitive force every race.
No formal announcement has been made at this time.
One of their drivers Josh Brookshire has expressed interest in joining ASCU in the past.
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Welcome to the first Saturday News Break of the season and ASCU, okay lets get into it.
RFK has announced a new driver for their #60 car this yearUntitled (6).png

Rex Jenkins will be driving the car at North Wilkesboro and Cota with more potentially added for this season.
And finally we have a new team joining next season:Untitled (7).png
Wolfhound Racing an American Endurance League team is coming to ASCU and they are bringing their driver Josh Brookshire and Nissan with them.
REPORT: ASCU officials to talk changes for next year, on the table for discussion this year is a shorter season, changes to the playoff format, and new tracks.
Chase Elliott won the first stage after a series of cautions, then Chase Briscoe took the lead and won the race
Screenshot 2024-01-07 150226.png
ASCU standings after Wilkesboro:
Pos#DriverPointsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPlayoff Points
19Chase Elliott*1671338
214Chase Briscoe*1431236
320Christopher Bell*1181227
454Ty Gibbs1130020
512Ryan Blaney1120220
617Chris Buescher1070220
716Daniel Hemric1050120
87Corey Lajoie1000110
948Alex Bowman870110
1022Joey Logano790020
112Austin Cindric750000
12Trevor Bayne730120
1324William Byron720010
1443Erik Jones710020
151Ross Chastain620000
1645Tyler Reddick610010
178Kyle Busch610000
1847Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.590000
1934Michael McDowell560000
205Kyle Larson550000
2111Denny Hamlin480000
2267Travis Pastrana460000
2391Shane van Gisbergen400000
2499Daniel Suarez400000
256Brad Keselowski390000
263Austin Dillon370000
2777Carson Hocevar350000
2823Bubba Wallace350000
29Harrison Burton340010
3019Martin Truex, Jr.340000
3162Austin Hill320000
3210Noah Gragson300000
3338Todd Gilliland200000
344Josh Berry160000
3542John Hunter Nemechek100000
36Rex Jenkins90000
3741Ryan Preece80000
3850Connor Daly50000
3960David Ragan50000


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Points after Pheonix
19Chase Elliott*22724415
214Chase Briscoe*1881346
312Ryan Blaney1650330
454Ty Gibbs1570030
517Chris Buescher1550330
67Corey Lajoie1390120
716Daniel Hemric1350130
820Christopher Bell*1311227
943Erik Jones1150130
1048Alex Bowman1140110
1122Joey Logano1070030
1224William Byron1070020
13Trevor Bayne1000120
141Ross Chastain840000
1545Tyler Reddick820010
168Kyle Busch800000
172Austin Cindric760000
1834Michael McDowell760000
1947Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.750000
205Kyle Larson730000
2111Denny Hamlin710000
2219Martin Truex, Jr.580000
2399Daniel Suarez570000
2467Travis Pastrana510000
2577Carson Hocevar500000
2691Shane van Gisbergen490000
273Austin Dillon470000
286Brad Keselowski450000
2962Austin Hill430000
3023Bubba Wallace420000
3110Noah Gragson420000
32Harrison Burton340010
3338Todd Gilliland340000
344Josh Berry240000
3542John Hunter Nemechek120000
3641Ryan Preece110000
37Rex Jenkins90000
3860David Ragan90000
3950Connor Daly50000
Breaking News: A driver trade has happened, Wood Brothers Racing and RFK have traded Rex Jenkins for David Ragan.
This trade coming after Ragan's lackluster performance for the first few races of the season. Ragan will finish the remainder of Jenkins' contract for Wood brothers while Jenkins' takes the helm for all the superspeedways and short tracks for RFK.
Using AI to help with next broadcast, hopefully it works better.
Stories of the Race:
Buesher wins after dueling it out with Ryan Blaney
Top contenders taken out in the first lap
Jenkins comes back from a late race wreck to finish 6th
Logano finished 3rd
Jenkins, Gisbergen, and McDowell got top - 10s

Standings after Atlanta:
19Chase Elliott*23624415
212Ryan Blaney2180440
317Chris Buescher2151447
414Chase Briscoe*1941346
554Ty Gibbs1770030
643Erik Jones1610240
722Joey Logano1550140
816Daniel Hemric1540130
924William Byron1540130
107Corey Lajoie1460120
1148Alex Bowman1460120
1220Christopher Bell*1451227
131Ross Chastain1070000
1434Michael McDowell1070010
1511Denny Hamlin1040010
1645Tyler Reddick1010010
17Trevor Bayne1000120
1847Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.910000
198Kyle Busch900000
2091Shane van Gisbergen800010
212Austin Cindric790000
225Kyle Larson780000
2362Austin Hill700000
2423Bubba Wallace660000
253Austin Dillon650000
2619Martin Truex, Jr.620000
2799Daniel Suarez620000
2877Carson Hocevar620000
2938Todd Gilliland560000
306Brad Keselowski530000
3167Travis Pastrana520000
3260Rex Jenkins500010
3310Noah Gragson440000
344Josh Berry440000
35Harrison Burton340010
3642John Hunter Nemechek330000
3741Ryan Preece240000
3860David Ragan200000
3950Connor Daly50000
Breaking News: Jenkins to run full time in the 60 car the remainder of the season, and Hallie Deegan will start her stint in the 21 car at Cota.
Cota cancelled because the AI doesn't race well on the track, tried multiple times and just ended up parading around the track under caution.
Breaking News:
Brad Keslowski to retire from full time racing after the season to focus on improving RFK Racing, he has said that he will run part time next year. While no announcement has been made it is believed that Rex Jenkins will race full time for RFK next year but what number he would be running remains a mystery at this time.

To make contracts more confusing Trevor Bayne is set to race the #21 for the remainder of the season.

Rumors: Team Hezeberg is rumored to be trying to come to ASCU, Daniil Kvyat is believed to be their driver.
Stories of the Race:
Jenkins dominated both stages, then in a dramatic final lap drove backwards across the finish line.
Standings after Richmond:
Pos#DriverPointsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPlayoff Points
19Chase Elliott*28125515
212Ryan Blaney2680550
317Chris Buescher2541457
414Chase Briscoe*2401456
554Ty Gibbs2300140
622Joey Logano1940150
743Erik Jones1910250
824William Byron1870140
916Daniel Hemric1780130
107Corey Lajoie1650120
1120Christopher Bell*1651227
1248Alex Bowman1610120
13Trevor Bayne1340130
1411Denny Hamlin1260010
1545Tyler Reddick1220010
1634Michael McDowell1220010
171Ross Chastain1140000
188Kyle Busch1130000
1960Rex Jenkins1101127
202Austin Cindric1050000
2147Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.1040000
225Kyle Larson960000
2391Shane van Gisbergen890010
2419Martin Truex, Jr.830000
2562Austin Hill820000
2699Daniel Suarez760000
2723Bubba Wallace720000
2838Todd Gilliland720000
293Austin Dillon690000
3077Carson Hocevar690000
316Brad Keselowski630000
3267Travis Pastrana570000
3310Noah Gragson520000
344Josh Berry460000
3542John Hunter Nemechek350000
36Harrison Burton340010
3741Ryan Preece270000
3860David Ragan200000
3950Connor Daly50000
Unfortunately Bristol dirt is canceled because the ai is terrible there, and the caution problem at Cota was happening there to.
Unfortunately Bristol dirt is canceled because the ai is terrible there, and the caution problem at Cota was happening there to.
Try turning off 'full pace lap' if you have it on, that can sometimes bug the AI on dirt tracks. Also, you might try the version on this page, I'm pretty sure this one works ok but it's been a while since I've used it.
Try turning off 'full pace lap' if you have it on, that can sometimes bug the AI on dirt tracks. Also, you might try the version on this page, I'm pretty sure this one works ok but it's been a while since I've used it.
I don't know what version I have, I do have full pace lap off, I downloaded the 2023 season track pack, I am not really worried about it either as I am working on a shorter schedule for season 2 2 and tracks not working helps me narrow the list down
Jenkins won both stages then avoided the big one in the final lap to win at Talladega.
Reddick and SVG both got top tens, while Blaney and Gibbs were collected in the big one.
FRM is unclear on when McDowell will be back, and Zane Smith will race in the interim.
Pos#DriverPointsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPlayoff Points
19Chase Elliott*32626615
217Chris Buescher*3021567
312Ryan Blaney2920550
414Chase Briscoe*2771466
554Ty Gibbs2550140
622Joey Logano2290260
824William Byron2160150
743Erik Jones2150250
916Daniel Hemric2040130
1048Alex Bowman1860120
1120Christopher Bell*1821227
127Corey Lajoie1810120
1360Rex Jenkins*17022314
1445Tyler Reddick1700110
1521Trevor Bayne1640140
168Kyle Busch1350000
172Austin Cindric1350010
1811Denny Hamlin1300010
1934Michael McDowell1270010
2047Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.1270000
215Kyle Larson1190000
221Ross Chastain1170000
2391Shane van Gisbergen1170020
2462Austin Hill1010000
2599Daniel Suarez970000
2638Todd Gilliland920000
2723Bubba Wallace860000
2819Martin Truex, Jr.840000
293Austin Dillon770000
306Brad Keselowski760000
3167Travis Pastrana720000
3277Carson Hocevar710000
3310Noah Gragson580000
344Josh Berry530000
3542John Hunter Nemechek440000
3641Ryan Preece350000
37Harrison Burton340010
3860David Ragan200000
3950Connor Daly50000
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Due to technical reasons there won't be a race tonight, but it will be Thursday.
Jenkins puts on another dominating performance at Dover, many people are starting to wonder if he will win the playoffs
Pos#DriverPointsWinsTop 5sTop 10sPlayoff Points
19Chase Elliott*37527715
217Chris Buescher*3521677
312Ryan Blaney3040550
414Chase Briscoe*3231576
554Ty Gibbs3030250
622Joey Logano2660270
824William Byron2420150
743Erik Jones2540260
916Daniel Hemric2310140
1360Rex Jenkins*23033421
1048Alex Bowman2080120
1120Christopher Bell*2061227
127Corey Lajoie2110130
1445Tyler Reddick1910110
1521Trevor Bayne1980150
168Kyle Busch1520000
172Austin Cindric1410010
1811Denny Hamlin1550010
1934Michael McDowell1430010
2047Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.1500000
215Kyle Larson1390000
221Ross Chastain1350000
2391Shane van Gisbergen1300020
2462Austin Hill1130000
2599Daniel Suarez1120000
2638Todd Gilliland1030000
2723Bubba Wallace870000
2819Martin Truex, Jr.1030000
293Austin Dillon850000
306Brad Keselowski850000
3167Travis Pastrana860000
3277Carson Hocevar740000
3310Noah Gragson680000
344Josh Berry550000
3542John Hunter Nemechek500000
3641Ryan Preece420000
37Harrison Burton340010
3860David Ragan200000
3950Connor Daly50000
Breaking News: SHR to sell two of its charters. And Trevor Bayne will pilot the 44 for Legacy Motor Club next season