Tutorial Creating Race Results from incomplete or lost races

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In some rare events your NR2003 game might have crashed at the end of an important race you just finished or even worse you forgot to hit that 'export' button for race results before backing out of the race weekend. In either circumstance you just lost the race results which is always a bad feeling, especially from a race that happened to go well or was important to your series whether online or offline racing. In most cases just the factor of honesty and rewarding the drivers that did well the points/positions they earned from the legit race and redoing it wouldn't be as fulfilling as well.

For the most part most players only solution is to just fake the results doing a quick race to get some data they can import into their points manager or legit do the whole race over again (but this will net different race results of course). Either way, its not ideal to the true results you probably wanted and don't want to waste time redoing the same race again just for some html file with different race results.

Well there is good news, you can recreate you race results html file that will allow you to import into a points manager like Score4 or Race Points manager and the program won't be the wiser. Before we begin with this process there are some pros and cons you need to be aware of though:

  • This process will allow you 100% complete control to edit, change, or recreate from scratch race results
  • Fairly straightforward and easy process to do

  • Process can be tedious, especially if you have a full 43+ car field
  • Any typos/deviation in the html format will not allow proper importing into a NR points manager and in many cases just give an error
With that out of the way lets make some race results now.

Creating / Editing race results

In order to create or edit the native NR2003 html race results you will need a text editor. While you can use Windows basic notepad its highly recommended to use notepad++, the extra features it has can help you edit faster. I can confirm this process works 100% fine importing race results into a NR points manager with notepad++. There are other text editors out there and even visual html editors but they cause errors when importing due to the fact the way they read and re-save the NR2003 html results causing format changes that NR points mangers cannot read.

Once you have notepad++ installed its time to edit or create some results. While you can open up notepad++ and create 100% from scratch race results and then save your file as .html there is no reason to start from square one. Instead we can create a dummy html race result using NR2003 itself. For the dummy html results if you want the results on a specific track and carset its recommended to use that combination and do a quick accelerated race so you can export the html results. This will give you right off the bat the proper track name and number of cars in the field for both qualifying results and race results. This way the html file already has the tables built out for example a 43 car field field.

Now with the exported html file open it up in notepad++. You'll see right away its a lot of html line like this:

In many cases the file will be over 2000 lines long with a full 43 car field. This is how the file should look. If all the lines are not appearing like this but spaced out, indented, or combined then the text editor you are using will reformat the html and that will not allow you to import it into a NR points manager program.

Now that you have the file open you can proceed to swap anything and everything data wise. Just as long as you do not change the formatting structure of the table section (with spaces, indent, etc). You can even add or remove whole table sections to increase or decrease the amount of starters in the race.

In this example we will find the 15th place car that finished the race. If you open the html up in a web browser it currently visually looks like this for the 15th place car:

in the text editor this is the entire table row:

In this demonstration we will change the driver name from "Cara Stout' to "WINNER MCGEE' like so:

After saving the file in notepad refresh the html file in your browser, you'll now see the new name:

And thats it, that is how you can edit, save, and verify changes.

Things to consider when generating race results

Before you rush off and start creating results from thin air here are some important tips and tricks that can save you a ton of headaches and also help speed up this process if you find yourself having to make race results:
  • If you edit a driver name to a new driver that did not exist in the race results html previous remember to swap to their name for the qualifying section as well. Names must match one to one for the starting grid and race results tables or NR points programs will give an error.
  • Starting position also needs to match, for example you cannot add in a 200th place starting position in the race results section but for the same driver the starting grid table states they started 20th
  • If you need to make race results often you can create a template from one of these html file and cut/copy/paste the table section as you go adding in each driver
  • The bottom section of the html file contains data for the weather, caution laps, and so on
  • If your html file partially imports into a NR points program check where the data stops, that most likely means you have a typo or data error around that table section. After you fix, delete those race results from your points program and try to re-import again.

Along with editing tips you may be wondering how do you get the driver data from races you lost going forward?
  • Whether you are physically racing or watching a live race in replay mode either screenshot or record the replay/F2 standings BEFORE the green flag drops and then right AFTER the checkered. This way if the game crashes or you forgot to export you have that video/screenshots to re-read the standings so you can input 100% accurate data into your html race results file.
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