Tutorial Core NR2003 graphics tweaks

Lengthier learning guides you can learn more in-depth processes to improve or setup NR2003 or related tool/programs
If you are installing NR2003 fresh follow these graphics tweaks to ensure NR2003 is running too allow best memory usage and graphics settings:

1) Open the core.ini file (located in the folder where you installed NR2003)

Under [FileLRUCache] change the cache size to: CacheSize=14194304

Under [Memory] change to MaxBlockSize=524288

Change pool size to PoolSize=524288

SAVE file and close it.

2) Open the rend_dxg.ini or if you are running in OpenGL open the rend_ogl.ini file. (located in the folder where you installed NR2003)

Change the AnisotropicLevel line to AnisotropicLevel=0
Change the TextureSetSize to TextureSetSize=-1

SAVE file and close it.

3) Open the Player folder located in your NR2003 install directory. Then open the player name folder that you are using.

Open the file player.ini

Under [Graphic Options] change the car detail line to car_detail=2
Under [Graphic Options] change the draw_ahead_distance line to draw_ahead_distance=100
Under [Graphic Options] change the enable_CarMegaShader line to enable_CarMegaShader=1
Under [Graphic Options] change the enable_ShadowVolumes line to enable_ShadowVolumes=1
Under [Graphic Options] change the render_speed_weight line to render_speed_weight=0
Under [Graphic Options] change the texture_quality line to texture_quality=100
Under [Opponent Manager] change the import_textures_with_compression line to import_textures_with_compression=0

SAVE file and close it.

Note: If you use any mod that includes the DDI feature (Driver Display Interface) such as the ICR of GoKart mod keep the setting 'enable_CarMegaShader' to 0: enable_CarMegaShader=0
On my ATI card, "enable_ShadowVolumes=1" results in some funky. looong shadows so I keep it at 0. If anybody else is getting those long shadows (as in the attached image), you might want to keep it at 0 until you get a better graphics card. :)
Or, if you have a solution, let me know!

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