Driver Chuck Hewett - #21Miller Lite [Dodge]


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May 28, 2022
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The longest running Dodge team from the Armory Digital Series with a long time driver Chuck Hewett is back to compete in the ICR Series. As part of Reilly Motorsports team Chuck Hewett is coming back with his Miller sponsored scheme, this time blue and white compared to the classic look of yellow and blue it was for many years beforehand. This team is one of the top multi-car Dodge teams getting an early start in the ICR series. Chuck had several successful runs in his early racing career when he competed in the Armory Digital Series and 2 championships between 1997 to the closing out of the series. Near the end of his time in the Armory series he didn't have as good performance but is hoping with the new ICR Series and car it will give him the ability to be extremely competitive again.

current driver info status below, may contain race/stat spoilers for races not published yet
With the opening seasons in the ICR complete Chuck Hewett has had a successful start so far. With 2 wins already and moving up in the Intermediate Division he is in the top bracket of drivers in competition. A lot of work is still ahead refining his drive in the ICR series as some races have had disappointing finishes mixed between the successes. Overall its been a positive run with the Reilly Motorsports team as all 4 drivers are trying to stay together in each division they advance in.

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n/a - several planned schemes coming in the future
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