Tutorial 2D Horizon Tutorial Part IV v1a

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2D Horizon Tutorial Part IV v1a

You can now save the PNG as it is but if you want it just a little bit darker, go to colours, shadows and highlights, and turn shadows down just under half of what it is. Make a note of this number; mine is -51.28, and type this in for your next eleven segments, this ensures that they are all the same level of darkness. Do not forget to do this to the ground.mip file.

Image - 65.jpg
Image - 65a.jpg
Image - 65b.jpg

Go to file, then export and repeat steps for adding the transparent colour, and processing the mips. Save the PNG in a different folder called night so that you do not get them mixed up. Export with zero compression so the image does not lose any quality on export. I did not touch any other settings.

Image - 66.jpg

Note: Shadows and highlights may leave some parts brighter than others; let’s just call that moonlight at least.

Comparison of day and night mips:

Image - 67.jpg
Image - 68.jpg
Image - 69.jpg
Image - 70.jpg

So now your horizon is dimmend, it should look a little more realistic inside the night version of your track now. Cool!

I have decided not to do the colourizing of the skies as really there's no point anyway to match a non-transparent horizon.

All my mips are free to use, so feel free to use them in your own creations. Let me know if there are any tips I am missing, or advice and I’ll try to include it.

Thanks for reading and I'll catch you in the next one.

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Papyrus Grand Prix Legends, NR2003

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Sep 11, 2022
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