Tutorial 2D Horizon Tutorial Part II v1a

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2D Horizon Tutorial Part IIv1a

-For example 512x1 or x2 or 3x etc, will be where your next segment starts (each segment should be a square 512x512) . You will see the pixel counter at the bottom in paint. It may help to zoom out.

These are the lines on which they start (I am using a calculator as I go along):

Horiz0 = 512

Horiz1 = 1024

Horiz3 = 1536


Remember, if you have a 360 degrees strip instead of a desktop background, you will be doing up to twelve segments understandably.

You can see where the number of pixels is at the bottom right. For each 512x512 image, name them as Horiz0 to Horiz11 these will be converted into .mips later. Repeat process until you have all twelve pieces. The last piece you crop will always be 512x512.

Image - 22.jpg
Image - 23.jpg

-Make sure all horizons match as you are going along and when finished; see image

Image - 24.jpg
Image - 25.jpg

-Next, depending on if you are doing twelve or six segments as mentioned before, you will need to reflect the horizon on itself (six segments) or not if you have twelve pieces in a 360 degree view. All you have to do is reflect the image in paint using flip horizontal then save as the next six horizon images working backwards. This ensures that the horizon matches.

Image - 26.jpg

Oops, I have just realised I needed to correct the numbers, I confused 0 for 1.

Image - 27.jpg

-Once there all saved convert to .mips see below.

Good settings

10 Sum-Im (Some may have more)


Type 10 Mapp 0

4 Priority- (try changing this to get better imagery. I always use 4 (recommended) or above and got this of other track maker examples). I never use below 4. Click file, then save as files horiz0-horiz11.mip

Check all files are the same size in KB, if one is not then you need to re-check your settings.

Image - 28.jpg

-Next you need some sort of ground.mip to show so you don't see endless nothingness in-between segments on some tracks, I have one made earlier out of snow here:

Image - 30.jpg

I went to polyhaven.com and got this snow texture because it sort of matches the mountains. (They may not be exact choose something that sort of matches). I downloaded the diffuse image in .jpeg and turned it into .bmp and processed it through WinMip 2. The image was resized to 256x256 first (image, scale image in GIMP).

NOTE: GIMP may have some issues with BMPs loading into WinMip2 after exporting the image from it. Turn this into a JPEG in paint then back to BMP to fix it.

Make sure the mip edges look the same so you don't see where it repeats. (Remember mine is just an example, there are better textures that match the horizon. Ideally, the ground should be covered by the track mat anyway.

I repeated the textures so it will look neater when in sandbox and the game by laying them next to each other tessellating.

The white area is me stretching to 2048x2048, and then I used the select tool to select it and copied it throughout the image. (Do not worry if it is not 100% exact).

Image - 31.jpg
Image - 32.jpg

Save as a 24bmp, and name this ground, then process it as a mip. I used the same settings as mentioned before with the horizon pieces.

Image - 33.jpg
Image - 34.jpg

You then need the sky.3do transparent, you will need it for later when the rest of the horizon is coloured like this.

Image - 29.jpg

Change the settings to either type 4 or type 7 depending on what is there. Hold down shift and press click, clicking in the area that you want to be transparent (the pink). (Yet to discover how type 10 transparency works - will update that).

Done and paste in track and unpack folder if it is open. Use camera view to view it. (Remember make sure you have the sky.3do, sky.mip, horiz.3do ground.mip (re-texture) and all twelve segments numbered horiz0.mip to horiz11.mip.

A GPL Horizon needs these rather than n2k3_ground. Make sure the sky matches the Horizon and the ground matches the ground (if you are not colouring the skies (next part)). There should be a total of all sixteen items. (Where it says 3D SimEd it should say .3do if you do not have it).

Image - 35.jpg

This is how it should look like now. You can see the reflected parts do not look as bad as you might have thought.

(See Examples).

Image - 36.jpg

Example of ground. Can still be tweaked if needed.

Image - 37.jpg
Image - 38.jpg
Image - 39.jpg
Image - 40.jpg

I have this for download so you can see how it is made (there are a few bits and bobs on my track because I am updating it; that will be released when it is ready).

This is how it should look with a 360 degree version (twelve segments), admittedly, that is before I knew how to resize the image properly so it is a bit stretched.

Image - 41.JPG
Image - 42.JPG
Image - 43.JPG
Image - 44.JPG

Horizon notes: For some reason you do see more of it when you are in a PTA physics mode due to an open wheel type ride height. So for now at least, you will see the top of the non-matching sky. This does not have an effect on non-pta mods (I have not tested it on GTP yet).

Thank You's

Windy City Racing (Beer Gut Gully (Best Example, Badlands and all South Datoka Tracks)

Papyrus Grand Prix Legends, NR2003

Jops Siffert’s Circut (F1 Legends Team France)


-Beer Gut Gully (Will Update Link Soon Once I Re-find It)

-Dxtex For WimMip2


-GPL Horizon Material (My Example) (Also In My Last Three Tracks)

-Jops Sifferts Circut (GPL Track Only)


*I will show how to make the rest of the horizon transparent, and more information for the next part(s).

I will also, if you do not want to colour the horizon, show you how to edit the sky to be the same colour using colour exchange in GIMP and more.*

The tutorials are clones of the one on Stunod and Armory Digital. Please check the links in case of question and answers on both:

https://stunodracing.net/index.php?threads/2d-horizon-tutorial-part-ii-v1a.14035/ (Stunod)

https://www.adrd-forums.net/index/threads/2d-horizon-tutorial-part-iiv1a.349/ (Armory Digital)
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