Tutorial 2D Horizon Tutorial Part I v1a

Lengthier learning guides you can learn more in-depth processes to improve or setup NR2003 or related tool/programs
NOTE: Due to Stunod only showing 25 attachments, this tutorial is done in multiple parts. I might do a PDF download later after feedback and improvements. Also the links and materials you need are in Part II.

For Armory Digital, I have still decided to keep it in four parts so it is not too daunting, and also a PDF with all parts version is coming soon for easier access rather than just on sites.

Another new note: The exact same process can be done for Grand Prix Legends mips but the only differences are it must be saved in 256bmp format for the GPL WimMip2 button, and the transparency methods explained below (where you colour the skies pink to show the different NR2003 skies) does not apply. Obviously this tutorial is tailored to NR2003 but a GPL horizon has been converted to NR2003.

Note: When doing a horizon, save as a Bitmap first to avoid discolouration and do each in one go to avoid it.

This Horizon tutorial explains how you can literally add any (bold) good desktop background into the game, for some truly epic scenery and amazing racing, and is not as hard, as you might think. Any NR2003 track-maker track making is capable of this.

A Horizon can either be done the NR2003 Format, or GPL Format. An example of the components of a track clearly working with GPL type mips is Beer Gut Gully by Windy City Racing. It uses a GPL Horizon in twelve segments, not the tiny NR2003 Horizon01, 02.mips, which is in lower quality and smaller. Any track can work this way but it needs different 3dos and mips.

I will now show you how to create the same or similar for tracks as shown below:

Image - 01a.jpg
Image - 01b.jpg

These are the components you need/end up having (The horiz.mips)

Image - 01c.jpg

The components (ground.mip, horiz.3do, sky.3do, sky.mip) is available in the link below or in any of my last three tracks (Sugar Rush, Jasper, Moon)

This horizon originally come from the Jops Siffert Circuit from GPL (Credit goes to original Authors).

Note that if you have managed to convert track material from Grand Prix Legends, your Horizon is already made, it just needs polishing; see my method to get ideas.

What a track needs is the sky.3do, sky.mip, horiz.3do can also be invisible; see below) ground.mip (re-texture) and all twelve segments numbered horiz0.mip to horiz11.mip

And This is what I'm going to show you how to do today including, how to have in NR 2003 format and make background transparent. (Also works for any .mip texture). And I dimmed it for night tracks using GIMP.

Note: A GPL Mip will be smaller at 256x256. Even though GPL doubles the size of this, there is a way to resize textures (512x512 recommended). The Horiz.3do determines the size of the Horizon. I believe the one I am using is the largest, 2D one for NR2003. The ones on other WCR tracks are slightly smaller.

-First, get an image

You can use any desktop background or panoramic image for this e.g. https://all-free-download.com/free-photos/panorama-360.html or

https://wallpaperaccess.com/search?q=landscape are all good.

Image - 01.jpg

-I will use a desktop background. You can get them from anywhere but this is my example.

-From Microsoft Edge an image I liked, I right clicked, then went to inspect

Image - 02.jpg

-Then I clicked on sources, and then went to this here where the images are located.

Image - 03.jpg
Image - 04.jpg

I then clicked on the smaller arrows to find the image

Image - 05.jpg

-Then I dragged the image to the desktop to use.

Image - 06.jpg

NOTE: It shows a different image every time; this is just an example of how I did it before.

This is the image I would be using, found earlier

Image - 07.jpg

-Upload, then resize the image in GIMP (recommended). There are free image resizes out there but they do not all go above 4096x4096 pixels. Go to file then open the image on your desktop.

To scale, go to image then scale image. This box should open up.

Image - 08.jpg
Image - 09.jpg

-For twelve segments it would be a total length of 6144 pixels (512x12).

NOTE: If your image is a 360 degree panoramic strip then the bottom length would be times by twelve as both ends of the image meets. For non 360 degree panoramic strip/desktop backgrounds you will need to reflect the image so you only time it by six.

Resize the length (width) to 3072. I am going to do six segments then reflect it so it would be 3072 pixels for length (512x6).

Remember Mips are:


2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 (most use these), 2048 (Any more than this would not appear in sandbox but would still work) 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768.

Image - 10.jpg

-The height length should automatically follow once you click on it. Then press scale.

The image should have now been scaled up so we divide the segments into mip sizes. To recheck the scale of the image, click on image again and scale image, then press cancel.

-Next, know what your sizes are going to be e.g. 512x512 per each segment is what we are aiming for. This means when you colour the sky pink, you will see less of the rough pixels on the edge of the scenery next to the sky, as opposed to a shrunken image half or quarter its size. Hopefully will there will not be too much to paint.

-Click on, file then, export as on GIMP then type as .JPEG or now .jpg (You do not have to if it's already in this format). Name it something different. I put "l" on the end of it, for large.

Image - 11.jpg
Image - 12.jpg

-Once it asks you to export, turn the quality of the image up then press export. I do not know what the other settings do so it is best to leave them alone.

Image - 13.jpg

So now you have the horizon you want, and you need to split up the images.

-Then on your desktop turn that image into a 24BMP (so it will work with WinMip2 later) in Microsoft paint. File, save as 24BMP.

Image - 14.jpg

Now you will need to choose what part of the horizon you want to show for your track, remember it would be a strip. You will have to crop at both ends until you get a 512x512 square. For these mountains I am using, I am getting about two thirds of them, then the rest sky.

Image - 15.jpg
Image - 16.jpg

-Crop from the top first to decide how much sky you want, then the bottom.

Image - 17.jpg
Image - 17a.jpg

-TIP: Save your image, and put "c" for cropped so you do not lose the other one (just in case). You can always re crop it if it is not perfect, by pressing the undo button just before you save it.

Example of finished cropping

Image - 18.jpg

NOTE: At this stage if you have already practiced and know what you are doing, you can colour the sky your transparent .mip colour before you crop it. I am showing both with and without the orange sky on the image.

-Divide into twelve equal parts named Horiz0 to Horiz11, save as 24bmp remembering to make a copy first, to reuse the 512x6 strip, and an extra spare copy just in case. Rotate around to crop from each side.

Image - 19.jpg
Image - 20.jpg
Image - 21.jpg

*2D Horizon Tutorialv1a by MeandMe continues in Part II*

The tutorials are clones of the one on Stunod and Armory Digital. Please check the links in case of question and answers on both:

https://stunodracing.net/index.php?threads/2d-horizon-tutorial-part-i-v1a.14034/ (Stunod)

https://www.adrd-forums.net/index/threads/2d-horizon-tutorial-part-i-v1a.348/ (Armory Digital)
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