2024 NSCA Cup Series Paint Schemes

Jacob Craigo

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Jun 8, 2022
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As a reminder, here is the history of the NSCA, plus the lead in for 2024:

The National Stock-Car Association is the culmination of over 70 years of American motorsports ranging back all the way to the early post-war days in the late 1940's. Initially, it was the National Racer's Club in the north, the American Stock-Car Association in the south, and the West, the Automobile Racing Group of America. On the Eastern seaboard, it was a massive rivalry between the NRC and ASCA, while ARGA had been dominating the West uncontested. However, in the 1970s, the United States faced a massive oil crisis, seeing a major toll taken on the race teams of all three organizations. This led to the NRC and ASCA merging together, creating the NSCA in 1975. Meanwhile, ARGA barely scraped by and restructured itself into the American Stock-Car Racing Club, or ASCRC for short, and became a starting point for many of today's top stock-car drivers.
With 2024 being it's 49th season since it's inception in 1975 and inaugural season in 1976, the NSCA's top level of competition - the NSCA Cup Series - comes off a thrilling 2023 season. While not every race was a barn burner, there has been plenty of action on track! New winners and front runners are now mixing it up with the best of the field. Steven Merzlak captured his 3rd championship in just 4 years, but going into the new season, things can still quickly change with how wide-open the new Next-Gen car has made the blanket of those who can win week in and week out, and boy is there plenty of silly season action heading into 2024.......

..... A new team will be formed through a 3-way merger between Ryals-Corbett Racing, Douglass Racing, and Gantry-Kingsmen Racing. This new three-car team will be known as Pakt-3 Racing (branded as PKT-3 Racing), and will become new OEM Mercedes' first 3-car team in the NSCA Cup Series. Likewise, McLaren Racing is selling their NSCA team to Konnorsport, who look to expand their world-wide racing efforts following a successful foray into Formula 1 and WEC. As always, the fluctuating Driver Market has brought about the usual Silly Season shenanigans, with teams like Bishop Family Racing and others to figure out their driver lineups by the time the 2024 season begins. 2024 looks to continue an upward trend that the series seems to be on, who will we see come out on top?

Now then.... As per usual, here's the list of the full credits for the entire 2024 carset (so that I don't have to copy/paste this in every individual post):
-Chevy: FCRD & vadkuz, with Monte Carlo text from Sean Casto/SRD (Modified by me)
-Dodge: FCRD & vadkuz (Modified by me)
-Ford: FCRD & vadkuz (Modified by me)
-Toyota: FCRD, vadkuz, & KevinDesignIt on Twitter
-Pontiac: FCRD, vadkuz, Lefty & BER (Transferred from MENCS19 & BRGen6 templates to NCS22 template by me) (Modified by me)
-Mercedes: FCRD, vadkuz, & NCD Designs (Modified by me)
-Generic: FCRD, vadkuz, NCD Designs, James Hodge & BillA1947 (Modified by me)
Logos: BER, Masgrafx, SRD, Google, ModSquad, SDG, SHD, TN Designs, Stunod, Codemasters, iRacing and Myself
Numbers and Number Sets: BER, Masgrafx, SRD, NNRacing, and Stunod
Car Bases: Myself, Paint-By-RAH, Stunod, and Steven Merzlak
-Original Template: SnG
-Driver Face: CozyCat Studios (Modified and adapted by me)
-Helmet Parts: Lefty, Myself & Bobbyfly
Renders: Myself (unless otherwise stated), Scene modified from James Hodge's work....

#33 | Thadore Keen
Team: Mercedes-AMG Motorsport
Rookie Season: 2021
Starts: 87
Career Wins: 4
Top Fives: 8
Top Tens: 25

Despite failing to make the Daytona 500 at the start of the season, Thadore Keen found himself having a career best season thus far in his relatively short time in the Cup Series thus far. In the other 29 races of the season, he earned not just his first career win, but 4 total wins over the course of the season, tying the season-high record with eventual champion Steven Merzlak. Unfortunately for Thadore, mid-way during the season McLaren Racing announced that they were bowing out of the NSCA, and sold their team and resources to Konnersport. Not liking what the new team had to offer for 2024, Keen decided to jump ship to another team, and would wind up at Mercedes-AMG Motorsport. Thankfully Thadore won't have to adjust much, as McLaren was already running Mercedes equipment and engines. He brings with him his car number, #33, and sponsorship in the form of Jack Daniel's whiskey and DeWalt tools. Meanwhile, Mercedes brings in more of their sponsors and partners from their other racing endeavors, with Malaysian oil tycoon Petronas being the main sponsor.