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  1. Mystical

    Official Release NR2023 20th Anniversary Splash Screens now live!

    This with be the 10th year in a row I have delivered new Splash Screens for NR2003. This year falling on the 20th Anniversary of NR2003 I recreated the classic logo along with a '20th Anniversary' extended logo of the classic one. One of the Splash Screens commemorates many of the mods the game...
  2. Mystical

    UI 2023 NR2023 Splash Screens (20th Anniversary Edition) 1.0

    Add-on info: These are new copyright.stp’s that replace the intro Splash screen of NR2003. For previous years you can view the full index: How to install to NR2003: To add a Splash Screen to NR2003 simply copy one of the new copyright.stp...