1. Mystical

    Official Release Armory Digital Superspeedway 2023 edition now released

    It has been several years since the last iteration of this track but its back in 2023 with all new performance upgrades and other features. For the full breakdown and download you can read the full article:
  2. Broken Gamer X

    How do I make caution lights?

    I've only been able to make idle objects before, and I'm trying to make caution lights for the first time. I'm completely lost on how to do it. I've been trying to follow this video, but I have no idea how they made those .pas files. May someone give me a written guide on how to do this?
  3. MeandMe

    Road Course The Moon v0.901 CHARLIE

    The Moon v0.901 CHARLIE Read Me This is The Moon, a track attempt by Me and Me AKA Monkeyape and is now at v0.901 CHARLIE. I did my best trying to make this track and I think it is just about ready for a CHARLIE release. This is intended to be a different track from Sugar Rush, as the objects...
  4. Ryan

    Short Track Hourglass Arena v1.2

    Kiss the jaws of death! Feel the terror around every bend! Test your luck with every cross! Introducing.... Hourglass Arena! USE HALF PACE LAP. Back at it again with another track, this time its a full fictional. Ironically, this track was never meant to even be finished. It was a proof of...