1. MeandMe

    Misc Alternate Space Horizon 1 v1.000

    Alternate Space Horizon 1 v1.000 Read Me This is a new type of space horizon form Adobe that has been upscaled using for a better res-demo image. It is in 8k quality and includes reflections (optional) and a link to non-generic ones if too shiny. Upscaling is by no...
  2. MeandMe

    Road Course The Moon v0.901 CHARLIE

    The Moon v0.901 CHARLIE Read Me This is The Moon, a track attempt by Me and Me AKA Monkeyape and is now at v0.901 CHARLIE. I did my best trying to make this track and I think it is just about ready for a CHARLIE release. This is intended to be a different track from Sugar Rush, as the objects...