paint schemes

  1. Car File Kyle Busch's #8 Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen 2023 Chevy Camaro 2022-12-09

    Template & Mod: Philly_T/FCRD Pit Template: BCR (I presume) Number: garrett1127 Base Design: Myself Croissant Design: Traced from Google Image Logos: Google & Stunod This is Kyle Busch's #8 Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Chevy Camaro that he will run for Richard Childress Racing in the upcoming 2023...
  2. NCRDesigns

    NCRDesign's Showroom

    Welcome to my imitation station. I guess I have been primarily an NCS22 painter this season, but I do paint other things from time to time. Here is some of my most recent work that I will be posting into my personal site shortly. I look forward to contributing directly to this site in the...
  3. RuralKadoodle

    RuralKadoodle's Paint Scheme Laboratory

    well boy howdy looks like i got a forum now! This is pretty much just going to be a place for me to show off in progress cars, carsets, schemes, etc etc you get the point! To start off, here's some cars for an upcoming update to the field filler carset I made for cup05 #46 Blackberry Chevrolet...
  4. Bryan Rodriguez

    Bryan Rodriguez's Showroom

    Hello Folks!! , Here's my showroom , where I'll show you paint schemes I make. Hope you enjoy! :)
  5. Mystical

    Paint Scheme Request Guidelines

    This is currently a community driven section meaning anyone can help anyone paint their cars. No Staff member or regular member is obligated to fulfill these requests though it will always be appreciated. When posting a paint request please provide the following information and files. Failure...