1. Lation

    Number Stocky Bois Number Set 1.0

    My friend NR2003Man runs multiple offline iRacing series called the Formula Bois Universe. One of the many divisions from the over-30 season-long canon is a stock car division called Stocky Bois. While I made a carset based on his iRacing roster (which you can find here), I also had to trace...
  2. BryceO84

    Introducing the NR2003 Carset Group

    Hello ADRD, today I would like to introduce a very special project that me and many other amazing content creators have been working on for the last few months. This project is called the NR2003 Carset Group, or NCG for short. This project comes with the focus of making complete quality...
  3. MeandMe

    Road Course The Moon v0.901 CHARLIE

    The Moon v0.901 CHARLIE Read Me This is The Moon, a track attempt by Me and Me AKA Monkeyape and is now at v0.901 CHARLIE. I did my best trying to make this track and I think it is just about ready for a CHARLIE release. This is intended to be a different track from Sugar Rush, as the objects...
  4. NR2003Man

    NR2003Man's Showroom

    Welcome all to my showroom! The name's Brandon, I've been active on and off in the NR2003 community since about late 2013, and first picked up the paint brush in mid-2014. But enough about me, this is a showroom damnit! #11 Steven Thompson, ISCRO Sunoco Pro Series 2021, #11 Trailblazer...
  5. BryceO84

    NR2003 Carset Guide by BryceO84

    Hello ADRD Forums, This is a project I previously showed off on both Stunod and my Discord Server, but I thought I would share it here as well. This is the NR2003 Carset Guide, a project made with Google Docs containing links to NR2003 carsets for many different series. Currently the project...
  6. kritz0ne

    kritz0ne's paints

    Some paint schemes I've made recently for a 2009 Sprint Cup NCS22 carset:
  7. Mystical

    Members new to NR2003 Guide

    Welcome new member to ADRD and thanks for joining this community! After joining the forum and reading the forum rules your next stop will most likely be all about NR2003. Here is our starter NR2003 guide so you know what you need to know and how you should proceed with your NR2003 racing...