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  1. Mystical

    In Progress [A-Class] Season 1 Schedule and Results

    This concludes Season 1 of the Advanced Division A-Class. Also the new graphics announced for the Series are slowly rolling in starting with the new Final Season Points results shown above. Next season you can expect more in-video graphics showing the final results at the end of a race along...
  2. Mystical

    In Progress [A-Class] Season 1 Schedule and Results

    Race #15:
  3. Mystical

    ICR Series Paint Schemes (Official)

  4. Mystical

    Logos in track issue

    I would need to see the original track in sandbox and how the mip is placed. But if you already had the original mip just make sure the new one you create is the same resolution and mip parameters and then it should appear fine on the track.
  5. Mystical

    Logos in track issue

    In sandbox with the track open is the goodyear logo a decal that is place down or are you in geometry mode where its a textures that is part of a F section? If its a F-section then the mip most likely will need certain tiling settings so its not stretched and matches the same parameters as the...
  6. Mystical

    Logos in track issue

    Is the logo going on the track surface in a F section or is it simply a decal you place down?
  7. Mystical

    DaleTona's Race Shop

    I remember you were hesitant about 3d modeling in the past but you've gotten really good at it. Could take your creations into a mod or make 3dos for tracks in the future no doubt.
  8. Mystical

    Searching some Thing from site

    Yeah it looks like their website has really broken over time: Before it was just the forums but now the nr2003 download link where you'd get the editing tools is broke now too. Using waybackmachine I can still access the page...
  9. Mystical

    What are some small details that make the track feel more alive?

    When you mean near completion do you mean just the layout/actual Ai racing is complete? Or do you mean you've already added 3dos and surface textures to it?
  10. Mystical

    Sandbox Question - Can I set the Track in the other Direction ?

    Yes the direction the first segment is placed will determine direction the cars will race, no way to swap it as far as I know without a track rebuild.
  11. Mystical

    Sandbox Question - Can I set the Track in the other Direction ?

    To change sun direction in Sandbox go to Adjust > Track Lighting Options and change the Sky Rotation Value. Then in the track.ini find the track_north_angle line and input the same number that your rotation value was set in NR2003.