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  1. RadC9

    Car File (Fictional) Kevin Harvick Throwback V.1

    This is a fictional throwback to the car Kevin Harvick ran at the 2017 Coke a Cola 600. Credits Template- FCRD Team Numbers/Logos/Namerail- Respective websites Render- James Hodge
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    Welcome, killerk7

    Hope you enjoy it here
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    Welcome, killerk7

    Welcome @killerk7
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    When can we expect to see Martinsville and Phoenix carsets?

    When can we expect to see Martinsville and Phoenix carsets?
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    Welcome, cosmicflare48

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    Car File (Fictional) #25 Offbeat Hat Co. V.1

    A fictional scheme I made but the company is real. Credits Templates- NCRD Texas sticker- Wikipedia Offbeat and TMCA logos - - Company makes great hats
  7. RadC9

    Random disconnected NR2003 thoughts

    I cleared Reddick in my mirror then switched lanes at Dega and was spun by Reddick, note to self make sure there is more space between me and cars
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    Car File (Fictional) Dale Earnhardt Jr scheme V.1

    I remade his paint sheme he is going to run at the South Carolina 400 Credits Templates- NRCD designs Name rail & number - Lionel Racing Bass pro Logos- Stunod Sundrop logo- Sundrop website JR logo- Google Render - James Hodge
  9. RadC9

    Car File (Concept) Noah Gragson SHR Car V.1

    A car based off of the rumor of Noah Gragson replacing Aric Almirola at SHR Credits: Decals/ Numbers - SHR, and BRCC websites Namerail- Stunod Template- NRCD Render- James Hodge
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    Welcome, lyletolito_

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    Welcome, l rod

    Welcome Irod
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    Car File #15 AM Racing Hallie Deegan fictional V.1

    A fictional scheme for the Deegan fans. credits SGTMustang- number render- James Hodge
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    Welcome, seanaaronfay

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    Number Zane Smith #36 FRM number V.1

    Not much to describe just #36 from FRM
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    Car File Ross Chastain #1 Bush V.1

    A car based on his partnership with Bush for 2024 render: James Hodge
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    Currently working on a carset

    Currently working on a carset
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    Car File William Byron's #24 ZHP Car V.1

    This is how the diecat version of the scheme William Byron is running at the Roval will probably look like. It includes accurate B posts, banners, and sponsors. Mine: Real One:
  18. RadC9

    Car File Fictional #57 Austin Cindric Haribo V.1

    I sat down with my gummy bears and thought it would be cool if it were a NASCAR paint scheme number- Stunod
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    Car File Ryan Blaney #12 Body Armor V.1

    A fictional Ryan Blaney scheme that has Menards and Body Armor on it.
  20. RadC9

    Car File #98 Brandon Jones Stratford V.1

    A fictional scheme made by me