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  1. Herman_5395

    Car File 2023 #45 Tyler Reddick 23XI Xfinity 10G (Fictional) 1.0

    CREDITS: Template - CamoDesigns from Stunod Logos - Google Number - BigEvilRacing Render - Me
  2. Herman_5395

    Car File 2023 Kyle Busch #8 Lucas Oil Chevy (Gerhart Throwback Fictional) 1.0

    CREDITS: Templates - FCRD + edits from CamoDesigns (Stunod) Logos - Lucas Oil's website + Google Render - Me Number - DiecastSharv (Stunod) Base - Me The PSD is a little bit of a mess, but it could be a lot worse
  3. Herman_5395

    Short Track Colorado National Speedway 1997 1.0

    Welcome to another Herman Tracks creation! This is a 1997 update of Windy City Racing's version of Colorado National Speedway. You are allowed to edit and/or share this anywhere, as long as you give me credit in some way for using this as a base. Thanks to the following: - Windy City Racing for...
  4. Herman_5395

    Herman's Stuff

    Almost release-ready, hopefully only 6 days away
  5. Herman_5395

    Herman's Stuff

    I feel like I should share some of the things I'm testing out and working on in NR sometimes here. Currently trying to see how possible a HD intro screen would be, I think part of it is just a matter of trying to find the exact offset to export the BIK file as, but there also seems to be a...
  6. Herman_5395

    Random disconnected NR2003 thoughts

    I'm kind of like this as well, most of the time i even get my ideas from real life paint schemes and adjust from there (most recent example below).
  7. Herman_5395

    To-do list: - Las Vegas Bullring (30% done)

    To-do list: - Las Vegas Bullring (30% done)
  8. Herman_5395

    Car File 2001 #41 Mark Green Conseco Pontiac (OG Cup) 1.0

    Mark Green's 2001 #41 Conseco Pontiac for A.J. Foyt Racing (2001 NAPA 500 DNQ), for OG Cup. Sorry if I happened to miss something, didn't have anything too great to go off of. Basic pit box comes with the car, unrated. CREDITS Templates - NeoDart28 from Logos -...
  9. Herman_5395

    Number AJ Foyt 2001 Numbers (#14 and #41) 1.0

    PSD files of both the 14 and 41 AJ Foyt Racing ran in the 2001 Winston Cup season.
  10. Herman_5395

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    Personally one of my favorite looking tracks in NR, PST Stafford
  11. Herman_5395

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    Fun shot with revamped Talladega, a lap before pit cycles. Quite a few custom cars in here as well (most made by me)
  12. Herman_5395

    Logo All Pro Logo PSD 1.0

    Made this awhile back when I couldn't find an even decent quality logo for a paint scheme, never late than never to upload it now.