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  1. Mystical

    NR2023 20th Anniversary Splash Screens now live!

    This with be the 10th year in a row I have delivered new Splash Screens for NR2003. This year falling on the 20th Anniversary of NR2003 I recreated the classic logo along with a '20th Anniversary' extended logo of the classic one. One of the Splash Screens commemorates many of the mods the game...
  2. Mystical

    UI 2023 NR2023 Splash Screens (20th Anniversary Edition) 1.0

    Add-on info: These are new copyright.stp’s that replace the intro Splash screen of NR2003. For previous years you can view the full index: How to install to NR2003: To add a Splash Screen to NR2003 simply copy one of the new copyright.stp...
  3. Mystical

    ICR Series Paint Schemes (Official)

    Back after a week break. Had built a new pc so took last week off from presentations/painting.
  4. Mystical

    Tip [3DS Max 8] Troubleshooting common errors/glitches

    A new error I found when reinstalling 3DS MAX 8 on Windows 11: Program hangs forever on Launch screen: 3DS Max 8 hangs on the splash screen getting stuck as it loads plugins. The program will never launch regardless of compatibility mode or restarting pc. Solution: Observe the folder...
  5. Mystical

    Welcome, LP07Designs

    Welcome, always glad to see crossover from other communities :)
  6. Mystical

    I need help with the ticker in UIE 2013

    I've never had any frame drops in all the years I've used it. Depending on your hardware settings thats most likely the root cause.
  7. Mystical

    I need help with the ticker in UIE 2013

    Its not my tool but the program is called camhack, I have a tutorial here:
  8. Mystical

    I need help with the ticker in UIE 2013

    Either the mod would need to support mirror movement (like my mods) or you can use camhack to adjust the exterior camera positions down a bit so there is space on the top of the screen.
  9. Mystical

    Tutorial Spotter Pack Tutorial

    geneparm333 over on reddit created a nice tutorial on Spotter Pack creation. He also used my Spotter Pack index as a starting point guide. Original reddit thread: Tutorial:
  10. Mystical

    NR2003 Crash Screenshot and Video Thread

    The camera somehow broke the external gauges/mirror 3do lol (yes the gauges are a separate 3do that only renders in non-cockpit views).
  11. Mystical

    WIP Tereana City Superspeedway

    You you can in sandbox go to file > export to dxf Or if you have 3dSimEd3 import the track PTF file then export as a FBX with or without the trackside objects included.
  12. Mystical

    WIP Tereana City Superspeedway

    If you are looking for precision of models to match the completed racing terrain/surface the best thing to do is export the track model from sandbox into a 3d application (like blender). You then can easily make your large structures match 100% with the track shape and size. This is what I do...
  13. Mystical

    Provisional Division Season 6 Schedule and Results

    Provisional Division Season 6 now completed. Adam Hendrickson sets a new record for most wins in a Provisional season dominating by winning 5 of the 7 races. To no surprise he also won the championship miles ahead of the rest of the competition.
  14. Mystical

    I need help with the ticker in UIE 2013

    There is a lower version of each ticker available that moves it under the mirror called 'Top_Mid' You'll want to use the driving.lyt file that is for that ESPN ticket in the 'Top Mid' folder instead of the 'Top' one.