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Short Track Track Release!!! PROJECT: Short Track Presents... ACE SPEEDWAY 2023!!! 2024-02-02

In our never ending quest to produce and update some of America's best short tracks visited by the country's top short track touring series, we present our update of Ace Speedway in Altamahaw, North Carolina. This is a prominent venue for the SMART Modified and CARS LM Tours, but it also features some nice competitive weekly divisions.


For this project, we used the base track from the original Ace Speedway 2005 created by my track-making friends Chris O'Shell and Freew67 of the now defunct ASTG (American Short Track Group). However, we have changed practically everything from that version other than the base track. It boasts hundreds of hours of work in a massive graphics, objects, pit road and A.I. makeover in our classic PST style.

Here is a partial list of the updates and additions of the over 140 changes that have been made from the original Ace Speedway 2005 track:

• New asphalt racing surface texture and paint lines like real track.
• New grandstands and 3d crowd objects throughout.
• New frontstretch main tower accurately modeled by Denis Rioux.
• New turn 4 V.I.P. Suites building accurately modeled by Denis Rioux.
• New Power line objects behind turns 3-4 updated by Ian Smythe.
• Whelen Caution Light structures modeled by Ian Smythe.
• New catch fence texture closely resembling the real track.
• New Armco fencing texture closely resembling the real track.
• New Turn 2 scoring tower that closely resembles the real track.
• New Turn 2 billboards with accurate 2023 sponsor graphics.
• New billboards behind backstretch grandstands.
• New Jersey barriers and concrete apron along inside of turns 1-2.
• New wall textures with accurate 2023 lettering and graphics throughout.
• New Light towers.
• New flagstand textured to resemble real life flagstand.
• 25 stall pit road configuration with accurate exit out of turn 2.
• Infield pit area populated with haulers to resemble the real facility.
• All new infield buildings textured to resemble real life facility.
• Updated brick wall and post lights behind turn 2.
• Improved night environment with PST session progressive night skies.
• Plus many more new features too numerous to mention.

As we always endeavor to do at PROJECT: SHORT TRACK and Ground Pounder Designs, we have tried to pour as much realistic and authentic detailing into this short track to make it look and feel as much like the real racing facility as possible. But we didn't just stop there, as equally as much attention has been paid to making a fun racing experience as well.

Once again, many thanks to Chris "Omodified" O'Shell and Free67 for their work on the original Ace Speedway 2005. They have both left the NR2003 sim community years ago, but we hope our update of Ace would not only make them proud, but will also satisfy the legions of short track racing fans of NR2003 who love the short tracks, Modifieds, Super Late Models and all of the weekly racing classes that run on them. We assure you that we have much more planned in the pipeline yet to come so stay tuned for future project releases from your friends at PST and GPD!

J.R. Franklin and The PROJECT: Short Track Development Team
with Ben Althen, Mike Ehresman, Denis Rioux, Ian Smythe, Carl Sundberg and Wayne Anderson.
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