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Imagine a true racing spectacle.

The widest variety of car manufacturers and car types, all in one racing series. The best drivers of their type in the world, racing around the world at a variety of iconic race tracks. Along the way, the circuits have sold out grandstands, with a party atmosphere all centered around top of the line racing action, with a variety of other events throughout the weekend. Then, they pack it up and do it again, nearly two dozen times around the globe.

These stars are on tour. A World Tour. Welcome to the World Tour Racing Championship, a one of a kind NR2003 carset for the NCS22 Mod. This carset presents a worldwide, multi-class series that brings together the best elements of stock car racing, touring car racing, and endurance racing, all in one. These cars have some slight modifications, such as removing the hood pins, tape, and standard grille to give the cars a unique look. They also feature colored roof flaps, and are also colored with both the wing add-on and spoilers in mind, though the wing is the canon design for the series.

This carset features 52 drivers, plus a bonus World Tour showcar, spread across four classes with similar chassis but different powertrains and components to be similar to their real car: The Allianz High Power Division, Samsung Economy Division, Lenovo Electric Car Division, and the ENEOS Tribute Car Division.

The tour features nearly two dozen events across the globe with varying class combinations, with three crown jewel events with all four classes: The Melbourne Motorsports Classic at the Calder Park Combined Circuit, the Union 1000 at Pocono Raceway, the tour’s only oval, the the World Auto Championship at Le Mans. The included PDF features a suggested schedule for an authentic season, but you can use the series how you wish!

The tour features fourteen car brands from across the globe!

Allianz High Power Division:
Samsung Economy Division:
Lenovo Electric Car Division
ENEOS Tribute Car Division
Read more about all 52 drivers in my Stunod Showroom:






NCS22 Mod by FCRD

Some characters and teams created by @RoseJam and @SR831

Logos from Google Images, Sponsor Websites, and Wikimedia

Numerous Number Fonts and Asset Fonts from Google Fonts and

All Cars and Numbers designed by me in GIMP and Inkscape

See Above for Template Credit Links

Thank you!
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