Phoenix Raceway with Sedona Red colored walls

Speedway Phoenix Raceway with Sedona Red colored walls 2022-06-17

Two of Arizona's major sports teams - the MLB's Diamondbacks and NHL's Coyotes - have adopted similar color schemes over the past 15 years, featuring a signature red, tan, cyan-teal, and white/black pallet..... The origins of the red and tan come from two local sources: The world-famous red mountains of Sedona, Arizona, and the tan-colroed sands of the Sonoran Desert. Technically, the Cardinals also have a similar color scheme, though it's a more standard red and yellow, and the red is just a bog standard shade. Not including the AZ Cardinals, the only outliers for major sports in Arizona with different color schemes has been the NBA's Phoenix Suns (Purple and Orange), and NASCAR's Phoenix Raceway.

For at least the past 20 or so years, Phoenix Raceway has been unique even amongst the list of NASCAR tracks to have colored walls all the way around the track with it's signature baby blue coloring lining the outside barrier. As of July 15th - when these were made - that changes. I was making a personal edit of the track, replacing the old ISM logo with the new (old?) Phoenix Raceway logo. During this, I had an idea..... What if instead of the blue walls that made Phoenix unique in the first place, the track followed suit to the D-Backs and Coyotes and switch the color scheme of the track?

That idea became a [virtual] reality. So now, I present a red-walled Phoenix Raceway. Other than the track logo on the racing surface, the start/finish line, and the walls/Phoenix Raceway wall logo, nothing else is changed. The league edits shown in the screenshots below are not included.

Credit to BB-MC for the original textures, which I used to assist in creating the new textures.


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