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So, I had a few rather wacky AutoSim runs, but two runs in particular had me inspired to make the most cursed carset I possibly could (in hindsight it feels like that anyways). One run in team owner mode, I took over Robert Yates Racing, and ended that run in 2020 with Ward Burton to the #88, Ross Chastain in the #28, and John Hunter Nemechek in the #38. In this run, I had Clint Bowyer as a two time champion with the Wood Brothers, and both Burton brothers were champions.

That was it, I was inspired with the paint schemes that were going to ensue.

Along the way of making the sheet that is linked below, I also had another AutoSim run that had some influence over this, but I'll leave that one up to you all to figure out, as there is a very specific driver and team combination that will have you all wondering 'wtf was he on?'

Truthfully, I don't even know myself.

190+ paint schemes later (some of which never made the cut, or will be included in the upcoming 'part time cars' update to this download), countless hours in photoshop, and many, MANY Dr. Peppers consumed, I came out with this.

There is more to come from this set, such as a rated version, and the previously mentioned 'part time cars' addition, and... a few more surprises, but for now, have fun messing with this unrated set of cars for the original cup mod.

This is my love letter to the original cup mod, so I decided when I started painting this set that I wanted to be done by the end of 2021, and release on a holiday... It's near the end of 2021, and look at that, it's a holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Some of these are my own original characters, others are spoofs, and some are other people.

Painters: Myself, Ryan Reid (@kidnoire), GD Designs (@GavynDo_Designs), W1lhoit (@W1lhoit), Demax Grafx (@DemaxGrafx), P17_Sleepy (@P17_Sleepy), KP1 Designs (@kp1designs)

Logos: Stunod, kirbyfighter12, Ceej, Cynon, Robert Vinning, Rick Eve, Sage, ib4jr, NeoDart28, myself, Highbank, Steven Merzlak, Demax, Google.

Numbers: Big Evil Racing, Myself, Snek, DiecastCharv

Templates: Brian Simpson, Tucknut

Pitboxes: Cynon
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