NSCA Legends - Class of 2024

Carset NSCA Legends - Class of 2024


Another year, another carset.... But what's this? No 2024 schemes? "Jacob, what the heck is 'NSCA Legends'?" you might be asking....


Well, let's just say that what was originally just a fun side-project that was meant to be part of the main NSCA Cup Series carset and emulated the additional historic drivers that were included in the older NASCAR Thunder titles maaaaaaaaaaaay have gotten out of hand lol. For you see, I originally was going to include only a mere 25 drivers alongside the full 2024 Cup roster this year, but my mind follows the golden rule of the wasteland as stated recently in the Fallout TV series: "Thou shalt get sidetracked by random bullshit every time...."


Except instead of getting sidetracked in the "only just now got to finish the set" kinda thing that I usually deal with, my mind went into OVERDRIVE, and decided "You know what? 25 drivers isn't enough... We need 43 DRIVERS! !!!!" Truth be told, this set was actually finished a few months ago, I've just been sitting on uploading it due to the fact that I was getting sidetracked from that along with getting the 2023 season completed.


The main selling point of this set, however, is the story of the 2001 NSCA Cup Series season. Mirroring the 2001 NASCAR Cup Season from real life, the NSCA saw a roller coaster of triumphs and tragedies over the course of the 300 days it took to go from the opening minutes of preseason testing to the final checkered flag in November. Some moments in that season can easily be replicated, whether it's Buck Taylor's upset win over Evan Miller at Rockingham just one week after the death of Eric Reinhardt, or Reinhardt Jr.'s dominant display of his family's prowess at Talladega in October. Other moments can be rewritten, perhaps Wayne Jefferson edging out Jack Metoria instead at Atlanta, or how about if Jerry Walker was able to secure his first career win instead of Dennis McCoy at Phoenix?


Whether you're reliving moments of glory for some drivers, or rewriting history to avenge the heartbreaking losses of others, there's plenty to explore throughout the 109 schemes included. From Elana Mullen's historic 1985 Daytona 500 victory to Eric Reinhardt Jr.'s dismal 2009 season, from the early championship fights between Homer Parsley and Chandler Riles to the scraps for wins between the likes of Chuck Magnum, Evan Miller, and Wayne Jefferson, it's up to you to see how these scenarios play out. With a somewhat tight ratings system in place as well, no two races should play out the same!


Here is a complete roster for the carset, all 43 drivers, their schemes, and the teams/manufacturers they'll race for..... And yes, I do in fact have "kid-friendly" variants of the adult product cars! Pit Crews are also included for every driver.


And so, here we are. 43 drivers spanning 39 years of competition. From the inaugural Cup Series season of 1976 all the way to 2014.


Now then.... As per usual, here's the list of the full credits for the entire 2024 carset ( so that I don't have to copy/paste this in every individual post:
-Chevy: FCRD & vadkuz, with Monte Carlo text from Sean Casto/SRD (Modified by me)
-Dodge: FCRD & vadkuz (Modified by me)
-Ford: FCRD & vadkuz (Modified by me)
-Toyota: FCRD, vadkuz, & KevinDesignIt on Twitter
-Pontiac: FCRD, vadkuz, Lefty & BER (Transferred from MENCS19 & BRGen6 templates to NCS22 template by me) (Modified by me)
-Mercedes: FCRD, vadkuz, & NCD Designs (Modified by me)
-Generic: FCRD, vadkuz, NCD Designs, James Hodge & BillA1947 (Modified by me)
Logos: BER, Masgrafx, SRD, Google, ModSquad, SDG, SHD, TN Designs, Stunod, Codemasters, iRacing and Myself
Numbers and Number Sets: BER, Masgrafx, SRD, NNRacing, and Stunod
Car Bases: Myself, Paint-By-RAH, Stunod, and Steven Merzlak
-Original Template: SnG
-Driver Face: CozyCat Studios (Modified and adapted by me)
-Helmet Parts: Lefty, Myself & Bobbyfly
Pit Crews:
-Original Templates: EPD & phantom17 (Modified by me)
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