NAPARL Top 50 Drivers - Fictional ICR Carset

Carset NAPARL Top 50 Drivers - Fictional ICR Carset 1

Who is really the best?

You’re about to be able to find out with the new North American Professional Auto Racing Leagues’ Hall of Fame exhibit, the Top 50 Drivers collection!

This ICR Mod carset explores the full timeline of my fictional racing series, the NAPARL, with the 50 greatest drivers of all time gathered at the peak of their careers in today’s racing machines. Experience cars of various styles throughout the years by watching the best in history go at it to find who’s really the best! Each car also features a custom NAPARL contingency sponsor set, and also features side skirt and spoiler trims of corresponding colors. Zero time champions have a red trim, one time champions have a bronze trim, two time champions have a silver trim, and three time champions have a gold trim. Finally, the only five time champion, the Greatest of All Time, features a holographic trim.

In what I believe to be an NR2003 first, the carset also comes with a 50+ page book as a PDF, featuring an in-universe booklet for the Top 50 Drivers exhibit, including expanded biographies for all 50 drivers, as well as additional photos and world building materials

Check out the overview trailer for more info!

The carset ZIP file includes:

- 50 Fully Painted Cars with Pitboxes
- An All 50 Drivers Roster, Plus All-USA, All-Canada, and All-Mexico Rosters
- NAPARL Top 50 Drivers Contigs and Banner .psd

- NAPARL Hall of Fame: Top 50 Drivers Guidebook

Templates, Template add ons, and ICR Mod from Armory Digital / @Mystical
Some characters and teams created by @RoseJam
Logos from Google Images, Sponsor Websites, and Wikimedia
Numerous Number Fonts and Asset Fonts from Google Fonts and
All Cars and Numbers designed by me in GIMP and Inkscape

Special Thanks to @RoseJam and @SR831 for the support to do this project.
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