NAPARL Tesla E-Stock Series - Fictional World 2022 Carset

Carset NAPARL Tesla E-Stock Series - Fictional World 2022 Carset 1

This carset originally launched last August, but is now available here on the AD Forums!

The North American Professional Auto Racing Leagues, NAPARL, continues its growth for the NR2003 ICR Mod!

This carset is based in 2022 in a fictionalized timeline for the automotive and auto racing world, where The NAPARL dominates the North American motorsports scene with their Stock Car series. The series features four manufacturers: Chevrolet, BMW, Nissan, and Holden (which grows into its own International brand in this timeline). They also use Shell fuel and have two competing tire brands in Bridgestone and Dunlop, who are under heavy regulation to prevent the tire war disasters of real timelines and moreso act as brand partners. Most notable, however, is the diversity of the drivers and teams competing. The series isn't just about the United States; It's across North America, and the fictional series driver and team roster features many drivers from Mexico and Canada, plus a few from outside North America. All drivers and teams are fictional and used for creative and entertainment purposes, and any resemblance to real life people or combinations is coincidental. This timeline also sees racing move toward larger markets, as well as more standardized tracks, with the schedule majority road courses and intermediate ovals, with limited superspeedways and short tracks. Finally, the timeline also sees racing in a more 'traditional' sense, similar to the major American sports leagues, though still holding a format very similar to our own timeline's NASCAR and other motorsports. This extends into its pop culture, with racing culture being more popular than real life.

This series, the NAPARL's newest, uses a unique all electric system engineered by Tesla, with BF Goodrich Tires, on doubleheader race events with a break in between. It's a truly one of a kind series!

The ZIP includes all carset files, as well as a PSD file containing the custom contig sponsors for those who wish to make their own additions to the series. The ZIP also includes a text document with additional carset information, credits, and a suggested schedule and points system for those who wish to replicate the 'authentic' season.

Templates and ICR Mod from Armory Digital
Renders and render scene done by @RoseJam
Some characters and teams created by @RoseJam
Promo Shots by @RoseJam
Logos from Google Images and Sponsor Websites
Numerous Number Fonts and Asset Fonts from Google Fonts
All Cars and Numbers designed by me in GIMP and Inkscape

Special Thanks to @RoseJam and @SR831 for the support to do this project.


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