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They are half decent. But for sure have some issues. For the cherry vanilla car the logo on the side looks low quality. And the cars just look really empty for being kroger cars. Aswell as the cherry vanilla car missing the right side namerail. Other than those they are half decent.
Hello! I saw the other reviews and your replys, so I figured I would go into more detail on why people are disliking your downloads. Based off the photos, it seems you're pasting photos/renders of the car onto the template, without adding much to it from that. Generally my process is to do that same thing, then trace the design off those photos with the most accurate colors (to not have any weird shading and inconsistent colors, and a more accurate/lined up design. Once I have the design done I find all of the logos by themselves in high quality and make any edits needed to match as they where on the car, then paste them to match the layout. once all design is traced and logos are added, i turn off the photo layers and just have the traced design and high quality logos. Once everything is done I go back and look at IRL photos of the car and make any minor adjustments needed. Here is an example:

If you have any questions feel free to DM me and I am happy to help! Have a nice day!
Wonderful scheme, always nice to have old backmarkers made!
I don't usually give bad ratings, but one if someone gives valid criticism please don't act that way. As a painter I hate seeing new painters talking that way when someones trying to give good tips. Please be more respectful to others.
I was speaking facts and being honest just like he was also being honest right? If you want to complain to about how you don't like my comments on my own thread thats your choice but I don't care. This was the first car like this I did and I've done much better I admit but I or my work doesn't deserve to be criticized to the extent that guy gave it to me. Thats bloody disrespectful!!

"Zero credits for anything on the download, download not including a picture of the in game car, BUSCH logo on the sides is cut off at the top, driver namerail logo is completely wrong, b-pillar logos are a Hendrick set, font for the banner text is the wrong font, and the scheme itself is blurry enough that it looks like it was made on a PC predating NR2003. I'm sure I could find more but that would require looking at this paint scheme for longer."

ain't no good tips there he was being mean dude. But Whatever...