Alternate Space Horizon 1 v1.000 Read Me

This is a new type of space horizon form Adobe that has been upscaled using for a better res-demo image. It is in 8k quality and includes reflections (optional) and a link to non-generic ones if too shiny. Upscaling is by no means the full quality of the image but is a good alternative, if you do have adobe, and some track makers do, feel free to enjoy the full quality image on your tracks as a .mip

-Remember, use the flipped version if you do not want it to appear on your track in reverse as shown in the example image.

-Priority is whacked up to four from WinMip2 as usual for a sharper image in NR2003.


Place the alternate horizon folder in your track folder so you do not lose it. (Day versions in one folder and night versions in the other) Place each horizon folder named Horizons 3D and keep a digital note on whether they are flipped or not.

Simply place in the stars.mip, horiz.3do and sky.3do in your track folder outside the DAT file of the track, e.g. moon_night (or any night track if you like!).

Important Note: Leave the horiz.3do out if using my moon track or if you wish to keep the horizon of your track and just change the sky. Remember as of yet this is for night tracks only.

If track has files outside the DAT File + unpack, open

Remember to back up all the original horiz.3do, horiz01.mip, horiz02.mip, horizon.mip, ground_n2k3.mip ground, sky.3dos and mips first, (If GPL horizon, it would be: horiz0.mip to horiz11.mip, ground.mip, horiz.3do, sky.3do, sky.mip), then place the alternate stars.mip, horiz and sky in it's place; do the same if you also have unpack open in your tracks folder.

Again, leave the original horiz.3do if you wish to keep the horizon as mentioned above.

This is an example of how it looks on Rainbow Road (Suggestion)

Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road - 01.jpg

Rainbow Road - 02.jpg

Rainbow Road - 03.jpg

Rainbow Road - 04.jpg

Rainbow Road - 05.jpg

Rainbow Road - 06.jpg

Rainbow Road - 07.jpg

The Moon

The Moon - 01.jpg

The Moon - 02.jpg

The Moon - 03.jpg

The Moon - 04.jpg

The Moon - 05.jpg

The Moon - 06.jpg

The Moon - 07.jpg


Zanarkand - 01.jpg

Zanarkand - 02.jpg

Zanarkand - 03.jpg

Zanarkand - 04.jpg

Zanarkand - 05.jpg

Zanarkand - 06.jpg

Zanarkand - 07.jpg

You would probably want to change the Earth at Rainbow Road to something different, but do not worry, I have some moons and planet textures coming in a download eventually.

Also included, is reflection files. If you place these in fount of a DAT file of a track it would appear on the car. These may be shiny and more so if you use ReShade.
Removing these would revert the flies back to normal. These are optional as the default sky should also work or try the generic sky file below. One improvement to make would to make the files circular.


Not really a bug, but you do see more of the horizon with PTA physics. (Same with any XL horizons).

I might convert the horizon to GPL 3do format but even if I can, I am having a slight issue with quality when turning a 24bmp to a 256bmp for GPL mips at the moment, also issues with ASE23DO increasing the verticies. (SRMZ Note)

-If you enjoyed this, you should check out my 2D and 3D Horizon tutorials links, where I explain, how it's done: (Armory Digital) (Stunod)

*Note: There is no Track 3dos or Track Mip Files so I placed it under Miscellaneous Addons*

Available on Stunod

(Go-To Download Button Above)

Get Rainbow Road Here

Get Zanarkand Here

Get The Moon Here (NR2003)

Even More Here

Also Advertised Here (EFR) (Reddit) (The Race Department)

Generic Sky Reflection Files 4k off Zmodellerv1.07b

-Cynon (Horiz and sky.3dos, Rainbow Road and Zanarkand Examples)
-Ustas (HDRI)

-Thanks for downloading, and I will catch you in the next one.



More coming soon! :)
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