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Alt98 was a project I had attempted to make where we would go back in time and just push a trash can down a flight of stairs, or in otherwords randomize everything about NASCAR that year. So I took a whole bunch of names from Winston Cup of that year, The Busch Series, Truck series and some fictional drivers and some family names and then we got this.

In this carset there is 10 cars in total with a list file(there was going to be 11 but the other car looked so bad I just didn't include it) So I hope you enjoy the cars in the carset, as I had fun making them way back in early 2021 when I made this(I was going to post it on stunod but due to a number of account issues I could not get back into my account)

Here Is A List Of The Cars You Will Be Getting In This Carset:
#10 Pepsi Chevrolet Monte Carlo For Emerald Sky Motorsports, Driven By Billy Standridge
#27 Sega Dreamcast Ford Taurus For Pegase Racing, Driven By Mike Wallace
#48 Vaseline Chevrolet Monte Carlo For Fireball Motorsports Driven By Caden Bishop
#52 Pedigree Chevrolet Monte Carlo For Hendrick Motorsports Driven By Terry Daniels
#60 Peterbilt Ford Taurus For Roush Racing Driven By Ernie Irvin
#84 Hawaiian Punch Chevrolet Monte Carlo For Norm Benning Racing Driven By John Andretti
#86 RC Cola Ford Taurus For Hodson Racing Driven By Ted Musgrave
#89 Mcdonald's McRib Ford Taurus For Elliott-Marino Racing Driven By Jeff Burton
#92 Ocean Pacific Tower Chevrolet Monte Carlo For Ronnie Racing Driven By Chad Little
#100 Unsponsored Ford Thunderbird For A.R.E. Driven By Doug Dohring


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