#94 Bill Elliott - McDonalds / Toy Story 2 Ford Taurus 1999

Car File #94 Bill Elliott - McDonalds / Toy Story 2 Ford Taurus 1999 v1.0

The special 'Toy Story 2' promotional movie tie-in paint scheme done up to look like RC and featuring numerous characters that was run by Bill Elliott at the NAPA 500 at Atlanta at the end of the 1999 season. This is as close as I could get to the 'raced' version with the limited amount of reference material available. #94 Ford Taurus fielded by Bill Elliott Racing. Paint scheme done for the cup98 mod. Crew and ratings included.

Logos: Various online sources. Unique 'M' and 'Buzz Thru' logos were self made from scratch
Character graphics: Hi-res raster images copied from official movie materials and various online sources. Grill & Eyes (face?) and shock towers for RC self made based on photos of the raced car.
Template: Splash and Go cup98 Taurus
Numbers: Self Made from scratch
Contigs: Self compiled from various sources

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