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Carset 2023 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Car Set by Ground Pounder Designs 2024-03-23

2023 WMT Carset GPD1.png
The Ground Pounder Designs team is pleased to present... the 2023 NASCAR WMT Car Set for the NR2003 SiModified Whelen Mod. This extensive set features all of the following:
  • 113 total cars representing every car, driver and scheme that ran in the 2023 WMT campaign, including...
  • 2023 WMT Champion, Ron Silk with 5 wins on the season.
  • 2023 winners: Justin Bonsignore (5 wins), Matt Hirschman (3 wins), Austin Beers (2 wins), and Kyle Bonsignore, Doug Coby and Ryan Preece with 1 win each.
  • 63 All-New paint schemes and drivers not previously released.
  • Authentic detailed recreations of the real life 2023 NASCAR Whelen Modified paint schemes.
  • Authentic matching pit crews.
  • Updated 2023 year-end performance ratings on all the cars including all previously released cars via the NRatings program using the MasGrafx GNS Full Season V3.1 formulas. Simply allow these updated cars to overwrite any previous ones you've downloaded.
  • Race Rosters for the complete 2023 set and all 18 WMT Races run in 2023 that include the actual drivers, schemes and cars that ran in each race.
  • 2023 Whelen Modified Tour Schedule so you can run your own Championship Season.
  • Download links to the tracks on the schedule that are available in NR2003.
Download here:

Enjoy racing against the cars and drivers of the 2023 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour from your friends at GPD... your "One Stop Shop" for NR2003 Modifieds!

The Ground Pounder Designs Team:
Ben Althen - GPD Painter
Mike Ehresman - GPD Painter
J.R. Franklin - Car Ratings and Set Coordination.

Additional Credits:

Whelen Mod by SiModified. Get the mod here:

Contingency decals by Ben Althen
Photo References:,, ModChaserMedia, Jim Dupont Photos, Fran Lawlor Photos, Tom Morris Photos, Ayers Racing Images, Brenda Jane Photography, Crystal Snape, BigAls Photos,, and a host of others too numerous to list.

Facebook Page:

2023 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Champion... Ron Silk!!! (5 wins)
16 Silk 2023 render.png

*** This will be our last WMT Modified Tour car set on the original SiModified mod. This mod has served us all very well for over the past 16 years.

All of our future Modified paints and car sets will be on the all-new Modifieds2023 mod by DMR and GPD, which is more accurate for the current day asphalt Tour-Type modifieds.
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